Weekly Training Recap

Ok, so which of you good little runners gets Runner’s World??

Well, I haven’t gotten my November issue yet, but friends all over the inter-webs have been sending me pictures of page 6…ME on page 6!

Runners World Photo

Yup!  That’s me in the orange tank top!  My friend Stacey took this picture during one of our run club runs and tagged it with #rwgrouprun and they chose it to put in the magazine!  This is totally going up right next to the picture of Jason and I in the Vineyard Vines catalog!

RECAP (10/6-10/13)

Monday – none

Tuesday – 3 miles (Marathon Sports Mashpee run club)

Wednesday – none

Thursday –  3 mile run

Canal Bridge

Friday – none

Saturday – none (foam rolling & stretching for 20 mile run the next day)

Sunday – 20 mile run, ice bath & stretching/ foam rolling

Full post coming on this, but it most certainly was not the 20 mile run I was hoping for before NYCM.  I was so upset about it that I decided to make my ice bath Frozen themed to try to Let It Go (hee hee).  

Olaf Ice Bath

Monday – 75 minute yoga class

FINALLY got to yoga!  I really needed something to help me get past my terrible 20 mile run and rolling out my yoga mat with friends was just the thing!  So glad I finally got to a class!

Weekly Mileage –  26 miles

2014 Mileage – 544 miles 


I had high hopes of my 20 mile run going as well as my 18 mile run did a few weeks ago, but it was anything but and seriously left me doubting how ready I am for the New York City Marathon in a few weeks.  I am really glad I finally got to a yoga class though, I realized how much I missed it and bought a package of classes so I’ll  actually go!



Tuesday – run club (3 miles)

Wednesday – yoga

Thursday – 3 mile run

Friday – cross train

Saturday – run (TBD)

Sunday – recovery

How’s do you recover after a bad run right before a big race?

16 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. Sorry you had such a tough time on your 20 mile run. My training cycle for MCM has been up and down, and I just hope to push through on race morning, in 12 days. Yes, I saw your photo in Runner’s World last night, just before I went to bed and forgot to send you a message this AM. Nice!

  2. I just immediately ran to get my issue to see how cool you are!! I think your life is pretty much complete now!
    I hate when long runs go bad, especially when you think “last week I did pretty much the same thing and it went great…” You know you can race well because you have done it many times before. You got this lady!

  3. So cool that you have your picture in Runner’s World! Training runs are always harder for me than race day. Running 20 miles solo is very mentally tough! You got the miles in, that is all that matters! Your legs will feel fresh after your taper and you’ll have all that positive race energy to feed off of! You’re going to do great!

    • Thanks, I sure hope so! I’m sort of back and forth between trying the 20 miles again this weekend and hoping it goes better and just letting myself taper so like you said I’m fresh for race day…

  4. We are starting the tart cherry..concentrated better than not? Any special brand you recommend.? Whole foods has a concentrated one. Where do you get yours?
    Patti and Bill

  5. Frozen themes make EVERYTHING better!

    And don’t forget, you have an onion bagel with cream cheese waiting for you to get you through NYCM! YOU CAN DO IT!

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