Weekly Training Recap

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RECAP (9/29-10/5)

Monday – none

Tuesday – 3 miles (Marathon Sports Mashpee run club)

Wednesday – none

Thursday –  3 mile run (1 month until NYCM!)

Friday – none

Saturday – 3 mile run

I’ve been SO busy this week getting ready for my first event at my new job that I’ve barely had time to run! On my way home from work Saturday I was so frustrated that it was going to be dark by the time I got home that I pulled over grabbed my sneakers from the back of my car and went for a quick run along the Cape Cod Canal – only had time for 3 miles, but better than nothing I guess!
Bourne Bridge

Sunday – Watershed Ride!

This was my first event at my new job – a 75 mile bike ride around the watershed area of Buzzards Bay! Even though I didn’t ride (I was managing the event) I think I’m going to write a short recap about it just to share the experience!

Watershed Finish

Finish line of the Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride!            Quissett Harbor

Weekly Mileage –  9 miles

2014 Mileage – 518 miles 


Definitely a slow week running wise, but I was busy getting ready for the event this weekend, hopefully now that this event is over I’ll be able to get on a more regular schedule!  (If you missed it, see my post on Adjusting HERE!)

Time to focus on my upcoming 20 mile run!



Monday – rest day

Tuesday – run club (3 miles)

Wednesday – cross train

Thursday – 3 mile run

Friday – cross train

Saturday – 20 mile run

Sunday – recovery

How’s everyone else’s fall training going??

Anyone else doing 20 miles this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. Just getting caught up on all my blog reading after vacation! It’s totally normal for a big move and new job to derail things for a bit. And like you said, some running is better than no running! I just got back on track myself after a few rough weeks. Have a great 20 miler!

  2. Sounds like you’re doing the best you can right now, and that’s all you can do! I’m sure things will calm down over the next couple of weeks, and you’ll find your routine again. My NYCM training definitely hasn’t been going the way I hoped, either, but I’m doing my best to get in those long runs — as long as we have those under our belts, I know we’ll be fine! I did my 19-miler this weekend in place of the 13-miler I missed the previous week, so I, too, am looking at the 20-miler this weekend. I am very, VERY anxious to get it over with, haha.

  3. Keep it up! Doing even the smallest amount will keep you on track while you’re training. Don’t stress! I’ll be doing 18 this weekend…On my way to the Richmond, VA Marathon on Nov. 15!

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