Every Day Should Feel This Good

I have something I can cross off of my goals list!

Ok, so it wasn’t formally ON my goals list before, but I added it and crossed it off!

You may remember a few months ago I mentioned in a post that Jason and I had been featured on the Vineyard Vines Blog!  Very cool, was sort of hoping to be in the catalog, but the blog was very cool!  Yup, we LOVE Vineyard Vines, ALOT…reminds us of summer’s on Cape Cod.  Unfortunately we really only get to go the store when we are on Cape Cod, we don’t have one near us (thank goodness for online shopping!).

So, the other day we were going to Lululemon (to take a look at some potential Christmas presents!) and I was pulling into a parking space when I slammed on the brakes and yelled “OH. MY. GOD!”  Pretty sure I scared the crap out Jason, until he looked up and saw what I was looking at:


Um, yeah.  This is IN MY TOWN.  I can WALK there if I wanted to (I run by it all the time!).  It’s right next to Lululemon and Athleta.  This is trouble.

Well, I had barely gotten over the excitement of a Vineyard Vines store coming to my town when I got this text from my cousin:

securedownloadWhen I got home guess what was in the mail?!?

Vineyard Vines Catalog

Hold on, let me zoom in on that for you a bit…

VV Catalog


Have our picture featured in a Vineyard Vines catalog – CHECK!


2 thoughts on “Every Day Should Feel This Good

  1. Hey Dani… Kyle Kennelly called me to tell me that he saw your pictures in the Catalog….I’ll ask him for a copy also…love…dad Sent from iCloud DJN

  2. How very cool. Can’t.think of what it would be like if I got that catalog and I look in side to see my son and his wife looking back at me. Now that’s really cool!

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