Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (9/8-9/14)

Monday – first day at new job! (went as well as first days go I guess!)

I came home to this fun surprise from Scott James Sport Jewelry!  They are a sponsor of the Zooma race series and sent all their ambassadors a custom necklace – mine just happened to show up at the perfect time to celebrate moving to Cape Cod and my first day at work!

Scott James Jewlery

If you’d like to check out Scott James custom Sport Jewelry you can use code DNARCC for free shipping on your order!

Tuesday – 3 miles (Marathon Sports Mashpee run club)

Wednesday – 3.5 miles (track club)

Thursday –  Quahogging!

You know, just doing the things us Cape Codders do!

And for you non-New Englanders who aren’t familiar with what a “quahog” is (you know, as in “stuffed quahog”…mmmm, yummy!) – it’s a clam!


And I know I haven’t shared much about my new job yet (only because I haven’t had time!), but this “Women in Waders” (yup, that’s what it was called!) event was actually hosted by the organization I work for!  I promise more info coming soon!

Friday – drive back to NY after work

Saturday – packing the rest of our stuff…ALL DAY

Sunday – 3 miles & a visit to North Shore Animal League!

North Shore Animal League hosted a meet & greet and tour of their facility for all of the 2014 New York City Marathon Team Animal League participants!  

I’ve toured their facility before (you can read about it HERE!), but since Jason and I were in New York for the weekend packing up the rest of our stuff, I figured it would be nice to go and meet some of the other runners!


I thought some of my Disney friends/ readers would enjoy this guy – his name is Simba and his info card says, “Hakuna Matata – it’s a wonderful phrase! My name says it all, I just can’t wait to be king in a pride of my very own! Can you feel the love tonight?”  (Looks like there’s a Disney fan at North Shore Animal League!)

Weekly Mileage –  9 miles

2014 Mileage – 469 miles 


Not quite the week I had been planning on running wise.  I had really hoped to get a longer run in over the weekend, but we got so busy with packing and moving it just didn’t happen.  This weekend we’ll be staying on the Cape (yay!) and have no plans, so I have no excuse!

I had also hoped to go to yoga this week, but I sort of swapped that for quahogging on Thursday night – oops!  : )

Now that yoga on the beach is over up here, I really need to start checking out some of the studios in the area so I hopefully find one I like and start going regularly!



Monday – rest day

Tuesday – run club (3 miles)

Wednesday – track club

Thursday – cross train

Friday – rest day

Saturday – 18 mile run

Sunday – yoga(?)

North Shore Animal League Logo

**Don’t forget you can still donate to my fundraising for
North Shore Animal League and the New York City Marathon
by visiting my personal fundraising page HERE!**

6 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. LOVE that necklace!!! When is the marathon? I’m really interested to see how you feel about running it while training 3 days a week running wise – I want to do the same sometime in 2015 but am a bit nervous about only running 3x a week

    • I’m running NYCM on November 2nd so less than 7 weeks to go! This will be my 5th marathon and I’ve pretty much done them all with only 3 runs a week! (I think I ran 4 days a week while training for Dopey.) It works well for me, I’m happy to answer any specific questions if you have! : )

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