Weekly Training Recap

Wow, what a busy week!  Jason and I returned from our trip to Disneyland, had just a couple of days to finish up our packing and we were off to Cape Cod!

We moved up on Friday, so we’re officially full time Cape Codders!  We’ve gotten most of our stuff unpacked and even managed to spend some time at the beach this weekend!

I start my new job tomorrow (yikes!) and I promise when I have a few free minutes to blog I’ll tell you more about it (and get my Disneyland Half recap done!) – for now, here’s what I’ve been up to this past week besides moving!

RECAP (9/1-9/7)

Monday – fly home from Disneyland : (

Tuesday – more de-cluttering & packing to move!

Wednesday – 75 minutes yoga

Thursday –  3 mile run

Friday – moving day!

Moving Day

**You can see 2 pairs of Mickey ears in the back of my car…1 pair I got a few years ago after my first marathon and they are embroidered with “First Marathon” and the date and the other pair is MY VERY FIRST PAIR OF EARS!  They are about 30 years old and have my name embroidered on the back!**

Saturday – 90 minutes yoga on the beach

All I could think of during yoga was, “I actually LIVE here!”  I think it’s going to take awhile to get used to that idea!

Moving Beach

Sunday – 16 mile run

Seen on my run!  Looking forward to all the gorgeous places I’ll have to run up here!

Marsh Run

Weekly Mileage –  19 miles

2014 Mileage – 460 miles 


Just excited I got my long run in!  I was a little nervous about whether or not I’d get 16 miles in after a weekend of moving, but luckily my friend Pat came down from Boston for the weekend to help us move some stuff and go to the beach and he had to do 20 miles so that helped get my butt out the door!

Moving Pat



Monday – rest day

Tuesday – run club (3 miles)

Wednesday – track club

Thursday – yoga

Friday – rest day

Saturday – yoga

Sunday – 18 mile run

North Shore Animal League Logo

**Don’t forget you can still donate to my fundraising for
North Shore Animal League and the New York City Marathon
by visiting my personal fundraising page HERE!**

8 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. You look so happy in that photo Danielle. I know you are thrilled to be living on Cape Cod and maybe when I am visiting my Mom in Needham we can meet for a long weekend run sometime!

  2. The ears were adorable and absolutely the first thing I noticed. Also, you did 16 too?! NYC IS SO CLOSE I CAN ALREADY TASTE THE BAGELS.

  3. Hahaha…how funny is it I noticed the ears before anything else? And where did poor Madison fit in that sardine can? Now I have the perfect excuse to come crash the party with my #Chewsday chicas! Oh boy, Jason will NEVER let us come back. At least that’s what we’ll shoot for. Hehehe….

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