Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (8/18-8/24)

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – 90 minutes yoga on the beach and 3 mile run with run club

Wednesday – pack, clean & leave Cape Cod : (

Thursday – rest day 

Friday – 3 mile run & 15 minutes elliptical

Saturday – 3 mile run

Sunday – 8 mile run & 30 minutes elliptical

I met up with fellow Team Animal League member Tom for my run today!  It was nice to meet a fellow team member and chat about our plans for the New York City Marathon! (Hi Tom!)

Running with Tom

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Weekly Mileage –  17 miles

2014 Mileage -422 miles 


I ended up with a couple more “rest” days than I had planned this week (oops!), but I did spend a lot of time cleaning and packing at the Cape, so we’ll count that as a workout!

I am soooo excited to head to Disneyland this week!  I’ve been having so much fun up on Cape Cod that to be honest it’s sort of snuck up on me!  I’m a little behind on my marathon training for New York, so I’m actually considering running an additional 3 miles after the half marathon, but we’ll see…it may depend on the weather since it’s looking like it’s going to be a little warm!

Oh, and I even tested out my pre-race fueling this weekend!


Mickey Waffles – the breakfast of runDisney champions!



Monday – rest day

Tuesday – run (3 miles)

Wednesday – yoga

Thursday – fly to Disneyland!

Friday – walk around Disneyland!

Saturday – Disneyland 10k

Sunday – Disneyland Half Marathon

I have a costume for the 10k…

Here’s a teaser of my shirt color…any guesses???

Costume Teaser

Who will I see in Disneyland?!?

14 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

    • Haha, yes…it is reeeeeally green! Not Tinkerbell though! (I’ll post a full pic Thursday : )

      And the Yoga on the Beach is an organized class, it’s a couple that does Yoga on the Beach May-September on the Cape and then October-April in Key West! Here’s the link: http://yogaonbeach.com

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