The One With The Full Moon Paddle

I know I posted some of these pictures in one of my weekly training recaps a few weeks ago, but it was such an amazing experience I thought it deserved it’s own post!

Since last summer Jason and I have been interested in joining one of the full moon paddles that MOCEAN, the local surf shop by us on Cape Cod offers, but unfortunately the dates have never worked out for us!

Well a few weeks ago it finally worked out that Jason and I were both on the Cape, the weather was clear and the moon was full!

Since there wasn’t quite enough people signed up for a full group paddle, Ryan, the owner of the shop, who we’ve become friendly with over the past few years (we bought our boards from him!), offered to take just Jason and I out for a paddle!

We arrived as the sun was setting and the moon was already up over the bay – it was gorgeous!

Full Moon Paddle BeforeJason and I had debated whether we’d need flashlights or headlamps since we’d be out in the middle of the water with no street lights around and not only would we be navigating around the boats moored out in the water, but we’d need to find our way back to the beach we started on!  We quickly realized that a full moon (a super moon at that!) would provide more than enough light for us!

Full Moon PaddleWe made our way through the bay and down a river until we came out by the sound where we saw fireworks way (WAY!) off in the distance – we eventually realized they were all the way out on Nantucket!

As we stood watching the fireworks we’d occasionally feel a small current go by our boards on what was otherwise flat water…Ryan told us the current was actually being caused by big schools of bluefish going by us and occasionally we’d see one jump out of the water in front of us!  (I was worried one was going to jump out and land my on board!)

Once the fireworks were over we made our way back down the river and through the bay back to the beach where our cars were parked for a total of a 4.5 mile paddle – and to top it all off, as we pulled our boards out of the water we saw a meteor!

Jason and I couldn’t stop talking about our full moon paddle for days, and we both agree that it was hands down one of the best experiences we’ve ever had!

Fingers crossed we’ll be able to go out again during the next full moon! 

Full Moon Greetings


**I have no financial relationship with MOCEAN, but I love spreading the Cape Cod Aloha and showing them some love, so if you’re ever on the Cape and looking for some paddle boards or sweet gear be sure to visit our friend Ryan!  (and tell him I sent you!)**

Have you ever had a unique outdoor experience?

How do you feel about being out on the water at night??


11 thoughts on “The One With The Full Moon Paddle

  1. Wow, that looks like so much fun. The full moon would be so beautiful while out on the water. Were you scared when you realized all those big bluefish were around? It is on my list to try paddle boarding this summer, and I need to do it soon since the summer is nearly over.

    • Oh my gosh, it really was beautiful! And yes, I was a little nervous about the bluefish only because I was worried if one jumped and startled me I’d fall in and be right in the middle of them!

  2. Jason has been talking non-stop about your Moon-lit paddle experience. You forgot to mention the schools of Tuna and bio fluorescence….. sounds almost “Other Worldly”. dad

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