Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (4/21-4/27)

Monday – 3 mile run, 75 minute yoga class (& taught two 75 minute yoga classes)

Tuesday – 45 minutes stationary bike, 30 minutes run/walk

Wednesday – 75 minute yoga class

Thursday – 5 mile run and 75 minute yoga class

Friday – 75 minute yoga class

Saturday – rest day

Met Daniel and Jenn in Newark for a DVC Event – Great Moments with Walt Disney!

Great Moments with Walt Disney

Sunday –  taught 75 minute yoga class

Weekly Mileage –   10 miles

2014 Mileage – 189 miles 


I was seriously craving yoga this week for some reason!

(Saw this at Pier 1 and I think I need to go back and buy it…I’m totally obsessed with it!)


My neck is feeling better, but unfortunately I tested it by not taking my muscle relaxers yesterday and of course by last night it immediately tightened up and starting hurting : (

I’m actually a little disappointed with my lack of running recently, but with training starting soon for a busy fall race schedule I figure it’s ok to give myself a bit of a running break now!

Does your body crave different workouts?

Do you take a break from running??

12 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. I’m looking forward to the 2-3 weeks I have of unstructured running before marathon season starts. And yes, you should absolutely go back to Pier 1 for that.

  2. I don’t like that my break from running is injury induced, but I’m actually enjoying doing different things. I try to run once a week to see how my knee is doing, but I like the change in workouts. Maybe I just needed to focus on weights and yoga after all this running.

    • Yes, I agree, it’s totally different when you’re forced to take a break because of an injury. I’m taking some time to focus on yoga for a bit before I jump into another round of marathon training – I think my body will appreciate the break in the long run! (no pun intended!)

    • Haha, yeah I did do a lot of yoga this week! I think it’ll be good for my body to take the break from running before I head into training for my fall marathons!

  3. So sorry to hear you are still struggling with your neck. I haven’t taken a break from running too many times, but generally it is a week or two after really hard races (like Dopey Challenge). My next big race isn’t until August, so I am taking a little break from hard training and will just enjoy training with my group.

  4. I think it’s good to take a break if you have an injury fo shizzle. I do crave different exercises – so I try to listen to my body. I really needed the yoga it was craving this past weekend!

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