Disney Cruise: Sail Away & Nassau

So is everyone sick of all this snow yet?!?  (And if you don’t live where there’s like 5 feet of snow, just take my word for it…you’d be sick of it!)

Well, I thought I’d bring you some warm thoughts by telling you a bit about the 4-night cruise on the Disney Dream Jason and I went on last week!  

I don’t want to bore you all with a play-by-play of our vacation, so I’ll try to stick with the highlights and lots of pictures and I’ll most likely write a separate post with some thoughts/ tips in case you’re interested in going on a Disney Cruise yourself!  (If you have any specific questions I can answer please leave a comment and let me know!)

4 Night Bahamas Cruise

We flew into Orlando the night before the cruise left (which was probably a good idea since it snowed in New York the next day!) and grabbed dinner at Splitsville in Downtown Disney (I became a quick fan of Splitsville’s sushi after my first visit during Marathon Week!).

Splitsville Sushi

The next day we were picked up by the Disney Cruise Line bus to head to Port Canaveral…

Cruise Line Bus

…where we got our first glimpse of the Disney Dream!

Disney Dream at Port Canaveral

After a quick and painless check-in process we boarded the ship and headed straight to check out our stateroom!


We definitely thought the room was a comfortable size for the two of us.  They did a great job of maximizing the space and providing plenty of storage!

Our next stop of course was the self serve ice cream machine on the pool deck!

Ice Cream

(I know Jason looks totally dazed and confused in this picture, but I think he was still in shock over having access to an all you can eat self serve ice cream machine for 4 days…)

We explored the ship for awhile and before we knew it it was time for the Sail Away Party and we were off!

Sail Away 1

Our first stop the next morning was Nassau in the Bahamas and we definitely had an exciting day planned – we were going to swim with dolphins!

Dolphin Swim 1

We even got to do the dolphin “push”!  Basically two dolphins came up behind you and pushed on your feet so that you were “flying” through the water!  The entire dolphin experience was amazing and definitely the highlight of our trip!

Danielle Dolphin Push

Me being pushed by our dolphin friends Dot and Aunty V!

After the dolphin swim we walked around Nassau just to browse through some of the shops and Jason ended up buying a watch!  He had been looking for a nice watch for awhile now so when he found one he really liked I convinced him to just go ahead and buy it!

Jason Nassau Watch

Jason showing off his new watch!

We headed back to the ship…

Disney Dream Nassau

…where we grabbed a quick ice cream to hold us over until dinner!

Nassau Day Ice Cream

Seriously, how good are my ice cream making skills?!?

Next up – a recap of the Castaway Cay 5k!

Please feel free to leave any questions about

my Disney Cruise in the comments and I’d be happy to answer them!

17 thoughts on “Disney Cruise: Sail Away & Nassau

  1. This looks like heaven. The dolphin push looks INCREDIBLY cool! And, I’m sorry, but all-you-can-eat self-serve ice cream? YES, PLEASE. Looking forward to reading more! Definitely in need of some warm thoughts; this weather is driving me CRAZY now, I can’t take it anymore!

  2. I’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins ever since I saw that on the travel channel. So cool! And yes, I’m tired of cold weather and am so happy warm weather is in Texas. I want it to last a good while before we get another cold front.

    • The swimming with dolphins really was amazing. I’d suggest definitely reading reviews of the places first though, I’ve done it once before and it wasn’t nearly as good as this one was!

  3. It looks like Jason really enjoyed the cruise….at least so far! And a self service soft serve is something any ice cream lover would be excited about. I am interested to know if there are adult only areas on the ship and if you felt like you were in the middle of a pre school parade at times?

    • Haha, yes, Jason loved it!

      So I’m planning on writing more in my cruise thoughts/ tips post about the whole kids on the ship thing, but the short answer is yes, there were plenty of adult areas (adult decks, adult restaurants, adult only beach on the island…), but if you did end up on the main pool deck or some place like that it could be like one giant, loud jungle gym! Hope that helps some, but I’ll definitely write more about it!

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  7. The entire time we were in Disney, Doug get talking about how we had to do a Disney Cruise some time. It looks amazing! And, like I said, UBER jealous about the dolphins! So, I’m guessing Jason changed his mind about cruises? lol

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