Organizing Race Day Essentials

This weekend I spent some time getting my stuff organized and starting to pack for Marine Corp (I can’t believe how close it is!), so I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite ways to keep some of my race-day essentials organized!

Running Bag 1

My race day essentials organization system!

Yes, this is a cosmetics bag.

No, my race day essentials most certainly do not consist of any makeup whatsoever.


Running Bag 2

Top Section: Body Glide, KT Tape, Garmin & Charger, Golf Ball (to roll my feet on)

Bottom Section: Tissues, Hair Elastics, Chap Stick, Safety Pins, Tylenol

Everything I could possible need for a race all happily organized in one place!  Oh, and that top part flips over…and that’s where extra fuel lives!

Running Bag 3My favorite thing about this particular cosmetics race day essentials bag is that the clear middle section snaps out and can be used as a separate piece, which is perfect because I’ll detach that, fill it with what I need and throw it into my gear bag to be checked on race day!

Runners Bag 4This has also come in handy with all the back and forth traveling I do to Cape Cod over the summer or if I’m heading out of town for a weekend – I just keep it packed (with the exception of my Garmin!), grab it and I’m ready to go!

How do you organize race day essentials?

Is there anything I’m missing you’d have in your bag?

21 thoughts on “Organizing Race Day Essentials

  1. I want that bag, this is such a good idea. I have a couple small Vera Bradley makeup bags that I pack up, but then I have to remember which bag has what.

  2. This is brilliant! I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this before! Totally stealing this idea. I usually like to bring a fresh pair of sneakers or flip flops for my gear bag when I’m doing a long race. My feet definitely appreciate the change after so many miles

  3. I have a big gym bag that I use. Then I have two plastic bags. One is full of food items and the other full of medical type stuff- tape, glide etc. Then I stuff my clothes in.
    I like this kit you have. Once you fill it up you just have to re-laod anything you use up and it’s always ready to go. Brilliant!

  4. Great idea! I use a toiletries bag, but the cosmetics bag with clear pockets is such a better idea!
    And the spare safety pins. Brilliant addition!

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  7. Love, love, love this! That bag is perfect, especially since you can easily see everything that’s in there. I’m a big fan of organizing, but for whatever reason, never really came up with a system for my running gear and essentials. Yes to everything that’s in there. A few other things I might add would be an inhaler, nail clippers (I always seem to get a hang nail the morning of a race, and then I spend the entire race being annoyed and fidgeting with it, so nail clippers are a good friend of mine), bobby pins, and Yurbuds.

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