Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (10/7-10/13)

Monday – rest day / taught two 1 hour yoga classes

Tuesday – 90 minute yoga class

Wednesday – 3 mile run 

Thursday – rest day 

Friday – Hartford Marathon Volunteering (Registration)

HMF Registration

Saturday – Hartford Marathon Volunteering (Elite Athletes) / 5 mile run

HMF Finish Line

Sunday – 3 mile run

Yoga – 1 yoga class (taught 2 classes)

Weekly Mileage –  11 miles

2013 Mileage – 620 miles


Recaps coming soon on my days volunteering at the Hartford Marathon, but I LOVED it!  It was such a great experience and it was awesome to see so many people that I know from when I used to work up there!

Unfortunately with two long days on my feet and traveling back and forth to Connecticut I didn’t get in nearly as much running as I would have liked, but I did test out a pair of Swiftwick arm sleeves today!  Thinking about using them for Marine Corp depending on the weather.

Arm Sleeves

NEXT WEEK (10/14-10/20)

I’d love to get in a bit of a longer run early in the week and then it’s time to focus on pre-marathon taper!  Yoga, foam rolling, stretching & hydrating!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. Can’t wait to hear more about your volunteering experience, it looked amazing. I tested out arm sleeves this weekend, too. I don’t think I’m a fan. . .but it will depend on how cold it is!

    • Yeah, I agree, I didn’t love them, but I didn’t hate them. I do think if the weather is somewhere between long sleeve and tank top (I hate running in short sleeves!) they may be a good race day option for me.

  2. LOL Love that photo! 🙂 You look super speedy in those sleeves!

    I’m curious to hear about volunteering at a major race. I volunteered at a very small local 5k and I have to admit it was kind of boring! I imagine a bigger race would be way different.

  3. Those sleeves totally make you look faster. For an even faster look, possibly flames coming off the back? Think about it.

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