A Battle Won, A Disney Day & A Volunteer Weekend

I usually try to have some sort of theme or point to my posts, but today you’re just getting a random brain dump of things that aren’t big enough to warrant their own post, but that I wanted to share, so bare with me here!

A Battle Won

Last week I wrote a post called Lines about my irrational hatred of writing on unlined paper and how frustrating it was to not be able to use lined paper on my physics tests.

I had a meeting with the chair of the physics department the other day, really just for advice on whether I should stay in the class or if maybe my course load was too much and I should consider dropping it and re-taking it next semester.  I did mention in passing that I was struggling with the math since it’s been awhile since I’ve used it and that not being able to use lined paper to keep myself organized was an unexpected struggle.

Well, today my physics teacher gave a surprise quiz.  He handed it to me last, pretty much slapped it down on my desk, and there across the bottom half of the paper, were lines.

So, it seems as if I may have inadvertently won this battle, but I’m pretty sure from the way the teacher treated me the rest of class I’ve just started a war!  Wish me luck!

A Disney Day

Jason is on a 2 week trip for work (yuck!), but he just happened to end up with a day off in Anaheim…so of course he spent the day at Disneyland!

I’m especially jealous that he got to go on Haunted Mansion – I’ve never gotten to see it since it’s always closed for the holiday overlay when I’ve been in California for the Disneyland Half!

Jasons Disney DayAnd speaking of Disney, my Wine & Dine trip is rapidly approaching (less than a month!) and look what arrived today!

Magic BandsAnd no, it’s not a mistake that my name is spelled with a lower case d, I actually usually write my name that way…another odd quirk (and trust me, there are many more where that came from!).

A Volunteer Weekend

Lastly, this weekend I’ll be volunteering at the Hartford Marathon! 

(Technically my first time volunteering at a race since when I volunteered with the para-triathlete group it was through Gaylord Hospital, not the actual race organization.)

I’m really exciting not only to be volunteering at such a great event, but even though I haven’t run it yet (it’s on my bucket list!) the Hartford Marathon has a special meaning for me.  Not only did I used to work in the building where the expo is held (the XL Center), but I was very involved in developing a partnership between the Hartford Marathon Foundation and the XL Center when I worked there!

I even worked the expo and brought the hockey team’s mascot Sonar to the race!

Sonar at Hartford Marathon

I vividly remember watching all the runners and thinking – what is wrong with these crazy people?!?  Who in their right mind runs 26.2 miles (or even 13.1 miles!) for fun?!?  

Definitely not something I would ever do.

I left that job 5 years ago now, and 3 years ago I ran my first half marathon.  In less than 3 weeks I’ll run my 3rd full marathon.

I am one of the crazy people.

While I’m really looking forward to running the Hartford Marathon one day, I’m excited to be there and just take in the atmosphere of the event like I did when I worked it years ago, but this time I’ll be able to appreciate it completely differently.

Have you ever volunteered at a race?

Will you be at the Hartford Marathon??

If so, let me know!  I’ll be at registration Friday and near the finish line Saturday!

10 thoughts on “A Battle Won, A Disney Day & A Volunteer Weekend

  1. I’m going to be looking for you this weekend! I’m running the half. I’ll be at the expo on Friday morning/early afternoon, and will keep an eye out for you — and I’m sure I’ll be wearing one of my usual obnoxious get-ups, so if not, maybe we can catch each other at the finish line, haha. 🙂

    I totally think back to all those times when I used to see/hear about races and wonder why ANYONE in their right mind would run 13.1 miles…or 26.2 miles. Always fun to think about how far we’ve come, and how it’s not so “crazy” anymore! 😉

  2. You got your lines!!!!! *virtual fist bump* because that’s really the only accurate way to celebrate. Fight the system and win!

    • Haha thanks! Honestly, it wasn’t intentional, I didn’t even go to the head of the department to complain, I just mentioned it, but apparently he thought it was a valid request!

  3. Have you tried Khan Academy? They offer free online tutorials in pretty much all science subjects! Helped me get through lots of stuff in grad school!!!

    And I’m the opposite with paper, I prefer unlined when I need to do crazy drawings to figure out physics problems (drawing a schematic of the problem, finding where my knowns are and what my unknowns are). Most of my college life I had to use a bluebook for exams which had lines.

    So cool about volunteering! My friend and I are waiting for the volunteer signup opens for the tinkerbell half in January! Would be totally fun!

  4. Your teacher is definitely out for your blood now, but who cares? Bring it! (Like how I can challenge him when I will never see and/or meet him? lol)

    Boo to Jason being gone for so long, but it’s great that he got to go to Disneyland! I am definitely jealous, not only of his trip but of getting to see the Haunted Mansion too. I was really so bummed about it being closed when we were there 😦

    Can’t wait to hear all about your volunteer experience. As I do more and more races and realize more and more the difference those volunteers make, the more and more I really want to volunteer for one…and that’s a whole lot of “more”s!

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