Weekly Training Recap

Check this out for a lazy week!

(Not to mention a lazy blogging week!  Once I get used to my new class schedule I’ll hopefully get back on track!)

RECAP (5/27-6/2)

Monday – 90 minute yoga class

Tuesday – 45 minutes elliptical

Wednesday – rest day / massage

Thursday – 90 minute yoga class

Friday – rest

Saturday –  rest


Pool day with Madison!

Sunday – rest

Yoga – 3 hours

Weekly Mileage –  0 miles

2013 Mileage – 273 miles

OVERALL – Clearly I really took it easy this week!  Between starting a new intensive summer session class and the heat skyrocketing I had a lot of trouble rearranging my workout schedule to get anything done this week. Plus, with my training plan for all of my fall races (Dumbo, Marine Corp and Wine & Dine) starting next week I thought I’d give myself the entire week off from running!

Pool with Belle

Pool time with baby cousin Belle!

NEXT WEEK (6/3-6/9)

New training plan starts this week (I’ll post more specifics soon), but I’m really going to focus on incorporating speedwork this time around!  Since my classes are 8am-noon everyday I need to check out some new yoga classes since I can’t make my usual favorites and I’ll need to either run before class or wait until it cools down at night, so lots to figure out!

Running – My training plan for Dumbo and Marine Corp starts this week!

Yoga – 2 or 3 classes depending on my new class schedule and weekend plans

And of course, your weekly Madison picture!

Pool DayMadison loves to play in the pool, and then she rolls around on a towel to dry off!

P.S. – if you love seeing pictures of Madison you can 

follow me (@dnardi710) and/or Maddie (@DoxieDogMaddie) on Instagram!

16 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. Everyone needs a rest week Danielle and that pic of you and Madison chillaxing by the pool is priceless! I’ll add you both to my Instagram follows, you can follow me @simonem2im 🙂 Have a wonderful week my friend and good luck with your Dumbo and MC training plans, I start my IM plan in two weeks! 😀

    • Madison loves the pool! Plus my sister’s 2 dachshunds are always there (we were at my moms house) so she has her playmates!

      I can’t wait to follow along with your IM training, it’s going to make my training look pathetic!

  2. How cute is Madison! My dog is not a pool dog, not that she’s ever had the opportunity to go in one, but she doesn’t like the ocean for sure and she only likes to walk in puddles that don’t go past her neck.

  3. First of all, you’re dog is SOOOOOOO cute! Love her!

    Also, your week was just like mine training wise, only I think you had more fun in the process! We’ll both buckle down and get with the program, Dumbo is only 13 weeks away! And don’t get too fast, I’m trying to catch up to you speed-wise so I can finally have a local running “buddy” lol

    • Oh my goodness, how are you thinking about running and training, isn’t your wedding just days away?!? P.S. – did you book your honeymoon hotel yet?? I am going to but you about it, I’m worried for you that you’re not going to have a hotel! Haha!

      • Yeah, it’s on Sunday lol but I have to think about running and training otherwise I’ll go insane! And THANK YOU for bugging me, seriously, I needed it. I booked all but the Aulani, but that’s only because they don’t open till 7am Pacific time. I promise I’ll do it today! 🙂

        • Yes! Aulani is all booked! And thank you for bugging me. Aulani was pretty much all booked up except for some ridiculously expensive options, and some slightly less ridiculously expensive options. I need to win lotto before August! lol

        • Good! I had actually heard on a podcast that Aulani was really hard to book for the summer since it’s so busy which is why I was bugging you! I was worried you wouldn’t get a room for your honeymoon!

        • Thank you! And I really appreciate it! I definitely needed the bugging since I clearly underestimated the popularity of the Aulani. I keep forgetting it’s not like WDW where there are a dozen other hotels to stay at!

  4. I love it that Maddie has her own instagram!! She is so cute! Relaxing by the pool sounds fantastic – I’m shortly leaving on vacation to do exactly that. I really need to officially start my Dumbo training and figure out my training schedule. Ha!

  5. Madison is SO cute! I LOVE that she’s a pool dog. I can’t get Cinderella anywhere near the water. She HATES it. Looks like you had some great “rest” time!

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