Friday Night Candlelight Yoga…Taught By Yours Truly!

So you may remember WAAAAY back in February I mentioned that I was going to be starting to teach a yoga class at a new gym that was set to open in two weeks.  Well, you know how construction goes, and I finally got a call at the beginning of April letting me know the gym was open!

I was excited to get started teaching and I worked really hard putting together my first class – which was especially challenging since I really had no idea who would show up to the class and if they’d have yoga experience or not!

Well, it was a lot of wasted worry, because NO ONE SHOWED UP.


Yoga at the Gym

All the equipment in the room and the windows into the gym
are so distracting when trying to do yoga!

It was really frustrating since I had been looking forward to teaching for months, but the gym had only been open a week so members were just getting the schedule.  The manager assured me next week would be better.

And it was, ONE person showed up.

Week 3 – TWO people show up.  Great.

Well, I just got back from teaching what I consider my first REAL yoga class!

And no, it wasn’t at the gym.

A few weeks ago I had agreed to sub a class at the yoga studio that I regularly go to (and where I did my training).  I had assumed I would have had a few classes under my belt by the time it got here, but clearly no such luck since the gym wasn’t producing many budding yogis.

Om Schedule

Yikes! That’s ME on the schedule!

I was really nervous, but honestly I think it went really well!

Yoga at the Studio

Friday night candlelight yoga at Om Sweet Om!

There were 12 people and at the end of the class they all thanked me and said how much they enjoyed the class – and this was before they knew it was my first “real” class, so I don’t think they were just being nice! (Or at least I’m hoping they weren’t!)

I did bring my notes with me (as you can see in the picture above next to my mat) just in case I got nervous and totally blanked out, but I really didn’t end up using them.

Yoga Class Notes

And for music (which honestly is the part of the class I dread planning the most!) I just played a Beatles acoustic album which worked out great!

I’m so glad to finally have taught (what I consider) my first class!

(And even more glad that it went well!)  

Namaste and have a great weekend!

20 thoughts on “Friday Night Candlelight Yoga…Taught By Yours Truly!

  1. Congrats! Glad you were finally able to teach a decent-sized class, and that it went well. I’d love to attend one of your yoga classes one day…that’d be fun!

  2. I’m teaching my first class on Wednesday, at a yoga and fitness studio that is brand new. And so far there are only 4 people signed up. I’m not sure if I want to advertise more so the class is fuller, or if I want to work out the kinks with a smaller group.

    • “Old” people don’t run back to back half and full marathons! Wish you could come to a class too! We should do pre or post race yoga down in Disney sometime!

  3. Congrats on your classes! I’m always nervous to go up to teachers to tell them what a great class it is. Maybe I’ll do that next week.

    • Oh my goodness, please don’t be nervous to tell someone you enjoyed their class, it really does mean a lot! It takes a lot of time (for me at least!) to put together a class so it’s so nice to hear it’s appreciated!

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