Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (4/1-4/7)

Monday – 5 mile run

Tuesday – 90 minute yoga class

Wednesday – 60 minute yoga class

Thursday – rest day

Friday – 5 mile run and 30 minute elliptical cool-down

Saturday – 75 minute restorative yoga class and 3 mile run

Sunday – 8 mile run (1 mile warm up, speed intervals of .5 mile hard / .25 mile slow, 1 mile cool down)

Yoga – 3.75 hours

Weekly Mileage –  21 miles 

Monthly Mileage –  21 miles

2013 Mileage – 209 miles

Overall – Love that we’re finally starting to see spring here in New York, makes for much more pleasant runs!  I am also loving going to restorative yoga once a week, it’s nice to take the time to slow down and really take the time to relax and open up.

NEXT WEEK (4/8-4/14)

Running – I should probably try to get a long run in this weekend since I haven’t run a long distance in a few weeks!

Yoga – 3 classes

And since you all loved the pictures of Madison so much last week, here’s another one for you (along with a little yoga humor!).

Madison Downward DogSeriously, how cute are her short little legs?!?

**Disclaimer – I usually do not promote doing yoga on the stairs,

however for Madison I made an exception.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. That picture put a big smile on my face!! How cute is she? And I think she does downward dog better than I do! Ha!

  2. Great job on your workouts Danielle and Madison is just the cutest most adorable yoga puppy I have ever seen!! I love this pic, super cute!! – Simone 🙂

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