Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (2/18-2/24 )

Monday – 3 mile run and 30 minutes on the elliptical

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – 3 mile interval run (.5 mile hard / .25 mile recovery), 1 mile walk, stretching & foam rolling

Thursday – sick   : (

Friday – sick   : (


Medicine & Matzo Ball Soup!

Saturday -1 hour elliptical & stretching

Sunday – 5 mile run (I was hoping to do 10, but I could tell my breathing wasn’t quite normal from being sick so I cut it short)

Yoga – none (oops!)

Weekly Mileage –  11 miles 

Monthly Mileage –  37 miles

2013 Mileage – 103 miles

Overall – Not a great week, but I felt like crap for most of it so I tried to let myself rest.

NEXT WEEK (2/25-3/3)

Need to do more of everything this week – running, yoga and hopefully a bootcamp class or two.  Also keep an eye out for a review and giveaway of FitPro Protein Shakes!


Success of the week:  


Yup, I managed to turn those potatoes into homemade gnocchi!  I was kind of nervous about how they were going to turn out, but when I took my first bite I said to my husband, “Oh my gosh, they taste like real gnocchi!”

I found the recipe on Pinterest (LOVE Pinterest!) and it was pretty easy!  If you want to give them a try you can check out the recipe HERE.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. I know how you feel about the training week. Being sick has been killing me! I hope you’re feeling better though. And good job on the gnocchi! That is no easy thing! 🙂

    Unrelated, I spotted the Newsies the Musical cup in your picture. Doug took me to see it for Christmas (I’m a Newsies-holic).

    • Oh my goodness, I have LOVED Newsies for as long as I can remember! My husband had never seen it before he met me, but I got him on board pretty quickly : )

      Not feeling better quite yet, but hopefully soon…I’m totally over being sick!

      • Same with Doug! He had never even heard of it before me. I had to make him watch it on VHS (that’s how long I’ve owned it). Now, I can’t get him to stop singing “King of New York!”
        Feel better soon!

  2. Gnocchi!! YUM!! I am so impressed that you made it. I took a gnocchi making class once but still haven’t tried out the recipe. Hopefully you are feeling better.

    • I’ve always been totally intimidated by gnocchi but this recipe was surprisingly easy! They are one of my husband’s favorite things to eat so I definitely got some major points with him for even attempting them!

  3. So sorry to hear you have been feeling crummy. Winter time germs seem be everywhere. Hopefully you are back on your feet and running, doing yoga and mostly feeling better! Your homemade gnocchi sounds yummy.

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