An Open Letter to Mother Nature

Last week when Hurricane Sandy hit I remember saying to Jason and some of my friends and family in Massachusetts, “well, at least we didn’t get that heavy wet snow or ice to weigh the branches down even more like that New England storm last year.” Clearly I spoke too soon…

Dear Mother Nature,

It was just a comment, an observation, I was trying to look on the bright side…it was NOT A CHALLENGE!

You and Sandy visit and wipe out full towns and power for millions and then as if to prove how mighty you are you follow it up by dumping SNOW in our (cold, dark, electricity-less) wounds. We get it, you can come in here and knock entire states flat on their asses with your 900 mile wide superstorms, your big scary storm surges and your fancy Northeasters. You win. Now please stop.

How about we call a truce. You stop tormenting the good people of the Northeast and give us time to get your mess cleaned up and we’ll stop complaining about the weather all the time. We’ll even try to do something about this global warming thing if we can (no promises, but we’ll do our best).

Thank you for your attention on this matter (and I look forward to seeing you in Florida where I hear you’re being a bit friendlier right now).

New York, New Jersey and the other affected states

P.S. – if you could lay off the humidity a bit in the summer months too it would be much appreciated, thanks!


3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Mother Nature

    • Haha, glad you liked it! I can’t complain having only lost power compared to what a lot of people are dealing with, I just thought I’d make light of the situation with a silly post : )

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