The 5 Year Plan

As I’ve mentioned, I am in the middle of some major life transitions right now.  I left my job working in professional sports last week and am planning on going back to school for physical therapy (which is going to take me 5 years!).  To help keep myself on track I’ve put together (a rough) 5 year plan that will live as it’s own page on the blog for me to check in on.

I think it’s incredibly appropriate (and totally a coincidence!) that I present the 5 year plan today.  Exactly 1 year ago today I ran my very first half marathon (very first race of any sort for that matter), an accomplishment that I truly feel has played a large roll in setting me on this journey…

And so, with that, I present…


October – December 2012

Since I won’t be starting classes until January, a lot of these next few months is going to be ME time!  I’m going to take the time to do some of the things I’ve really wanted to do but never had the time to.  I love that I’m going to take this time for myself to transition before starting 5 years of school.

The one thing I will definitely be doing (starting tomorrow!) is a Yoga Teacher Training program. I’ll write more about this soon, but I’m really excited about having the opportunity (TIME!) to do this. While I’m not totally sure I ever see myself teaching yoga I think it will be great experience to not only build my personal yoga practice, but I think a lot of what I learn can be applied to physical therapy (and may even look good when I apply to schools!).

Here are a few of the other things I’d like to do while I have the time:

  • begin to learn Italian
  • take a photography class
  • cook a lot more than I currently do (and learn some new recipes!)
  • train for Goofy!  (I’d be doing that anyways, but now I’ll have a bit more time!)

I also need to use these next few months to look into and plan out the prerequisite classes I need to take.

January 2013 to May 2014

This year and a half will be basically filled with completing all of the prerequisites I need to apply to a 3 year Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.  Not having any science background I’m pretty much starting from scratch, here’s what I’ll need to do:

  • A LOT of science classes (you name it, I have to take it), this year and a half includes classes over the summer
  • study for and take the GRE’s
  • 50-100 hours of observation time in a Physical Therapy setting
  • Apply to DPT programs (and REALLY hope I get in!)

June 2014 – sometime in 2017

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program!

Whew…so there it is!  My next 5 years!  Very scary, but I’m really hoping that documenting this journey on my blog will help to keep me on track and accountable!  Definitely expect updates as I challenge myself to meet these goals over the next few years!

5 thoughts on “The 5 Year Plan

  1. What an ambitious plan!!! Congrats on the exciting news of going back to school.

    At some point I plan on going back and getting my doctorate but I think I left school too recently to consider going back again.

  2. Good luck!! I am in physical therapy school now almost done year two (one left thank god!). Its a long road, but the end product of the most wonderful job in the world is totally worth it. Any idea where you wanna go?

    • Oh, I am so glad you found my blog! I have been looking to connect with students in physical therapy programs just to learn more about the experience. I live in New York, so right now the schools that are closest to me are NYU, New York Medical College, Sacred Heart and possibly Quinnipiac but it would be a bit of a drive.

      • It is quite an experience…but its seriously not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I imagined I wouldn’t have time to do anything outside of school and studying but I have! I am from Delaware (went to UD undergrad) but made a big move to Charleston, SC to go to Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) for school. I imagined living in this awesome city and never getting to experience it but I have been able to go out quite a bit, still go to the beach, I met my amazing boyfriend (my first night in town, crazy right?) and have run 3 full marathons and 2 halves in the past year (and a few 10ks locally). Its really what you make of it and if you plan ahead and keep up with everything along the way, you really can do whatever you want (I’m a huge huge obsessive planner!) Please feel free to email me ( or fb me about school, its a big step and huge commitment and its good to talk to as many people as you can about it. Sorry for this incredibly long comment but I am pretty passionate about it and want people to know you CAN have a life AND go to PT school!

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