Weekly Training Recap and Goals

As you can probably tell I re-designed my blog this week!  I really like how simple and clean it looks, I’d love to hear what you think!

RECAP (9/17-9/23)

Monday – rest day and babysitting!

Taught my 8 month old cousin how to make pizza – good little Italian baby!

Tuesday – 3.5 mile run

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – 3.1 mile run and 1 hour of hitting golf balls at the driving range

Friday – rest day

Saturday – 5.1 mile run

Sunday – 8.1 mile run and 15 minute cool down walk

Weekly Mileage – 19.8 miles

Monthly Mileage – 64.7 miles

2012 Mileage – 398.8 miles

Overall – LOVE the cooler weather!  It makes running so much more pleasant to not be drenched in sweat before I event start.  I am having some concerns about my sneakers though, my feet seem to hurt more during and after runs that my last pair of sneakers, I may be looking for another pair as my runs get longer for Goofy training.

Discovery of the week:  DOLE WHIPS IN MASSACHUSETTS!  The texture was a touch different, but close enough!  I’m going back next time with a can of pineapple juice to make myself a Dole Whip float!

Dole Whip, is that you?!?!

NEXT WEEK (9/24-9/30)

A lot going on this week, Wednesday is my last day at work and then I leave Thursday morning for Tower of Terror 10 Miler Weekend!  I’m really hoping to relax during my few days at Disney, I’d love to get in a few runs (other than the race) and maybe even spend some time sitting at the pool!

I’m watching UP as I write this, LOVE this movie but the beginning is so sad  : (

One of my favorite race character photos!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap and Goals

  1. I love the new layout! It’s so clean-looking and the header looks awesome.

    I also love that you found Dole Whips. I’ve noticed a few soft serve places that also serve them, but haven’t tried one because they usually have a raspberry flavor. If I’m going to get a Dole Whip, it’s gotta be pineapple.

    • Thanks Lisa, I’m really liking the new layout too!
      And this yogurt was definitely pineapple! The texture was a bit different than a “real” Dole Whip and there was something not quite right about it not being at Disney, but it was still pretty good!

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