Goofy Goes Dopey!

It’s true!  I’ve officially registered for the 5k during WDW Marathon Weekend which makes my “Goofy” unofficially “Dopey”!

For those of you not familiar with these crazy runDisney terms the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge is when you do the Half Marathon on Saturday and the Full Marathon on Sunday at Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.  “Goofy” unofficially becomes “Dopey” when you add Friday’s 5k to the roster for a total for 42.4 miles in three days!

For your Goofy efforts of 39.3 miles you’ll receive these three beauties:

For the 5k you’ll go home with an additional medallion, but for now runDisney does not officially recognize “Dopey” – seems as if they sort of like that it’s an “underground” fan thing!

Make sure to follow me during Marathon Weekend (January 11th-13th 2013) as I tackle 3 races and 42.4 miles in 3 days!

3 thoughts on “Goofy Goes Dopey!

  1. Yeah! I’m excited to read about your training for this long set of runs, and to hear how you’ll fuel for them.
    And you’re going to be officially Dopey. And Goofy. 🙂

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