When I first started running I didn’t know where to run or how to find routes that were the right distance.  After some easy internet searching I found a few really good websites to help me plan my long runs during training.

The USA Track & Field website allows you to put in your city, state and the distance you are looking to run and a bunch of options that fit your criteria will pop up.  When you click on one of the options it gives you a map and a brief description of the route (hills, flat, etc.).

Sites such as RunKeeper and MapMyRun both have similar features where you can search routes in your area that have been posted by other members – and if you use one of their apps you can share your routes with others and save your “favorite” routes.  This is my usual 9 mile loop:

Finding new running route is great not only for planning out long runs during training, but you can find places to run while you are on vacation or visiting a new city.  Another great tip that I learned when I was in Philadelphia in January is that most hotels will provide you with running maps if you just ask at the front desk!  This is the one they gave me in Philadelphia and it took my right past the Rocky steps and down Boathouse Row which was gorgeous!

These sites are great too if you’re just getting bored of the usual scenery and want to find a new route in your area – which is what I’m going to do!  I’ve run my before work 3 mile loop one too many times!

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