I’ve been trying to wait until it got cold out to post my favorite things about winter, but it’s mid-December and I think yesterday got up to 58 degrees so I’m just going to give in and go with it.

So…(drum roll please!)…here are a few of my favorite things about winter!


I LOVE wearing scarves.  Don’t know why, I just do.  And not the light feathery decorative ones, the big, heavy, chunky, cozy ones – it’s like having a blanket wrapped around you all day!  I seriously get excited when it gets cool enough to break out my scarf collection.

My box of scarves!


But only when it’s white and fluffy.  Once it turns brown and slushy and you can’t get rid of it it’s just gross and messy.

Building a Fire

Really, is there anything better than a warm cozy fire?  Grab a big blanket, some marshmallows and cocoa and I call that a pretty good cold winter night!  (Ok, fine, I hate marshmallows, but I feel like I should like them…especially when in front of a fire with cocoa.)

Ginger Family 

Yes, I legitimately get excited when these cookies make their seasonal appearance – they are the perfect snack after dinner with tea or cider.

By the end of winter though I’ve usually eaten too many and am happy to see them go back into the vault so I can get all excited about them again next winter!

Holiday Movies

Elf and The Polar Express are my “must see’s” every holiday season.  The Polar Express is our Christmas Eve movie, and Elf we’ll watch over and over and over until my husband and I are essentially communicating in quotes from the movie.  My favorite?  I think it may be, “Watch out for the yellow ones.  They don’t stop!”  Seriously, it’s true, they don’t!

By the way, if candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup are your favorite food groups you should definitely stop over at Spork or Foon and check out the Buddy the Elf cookies – Pop Tarts, syrup, M&M’s and marshmallows are just a few of the ingredients, but the base is an oatmeal cookie so really they’re good for you!

Speaking of holiday movies – ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas.  Yup, not afraid to admit I love it.

The Christmas Shoes Song

You know the one – brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.

Well it doesn’t actually feel like winter yet (especially because I haven’t even watched Elf yet this season!), but if the weather could hold out for a few more weeks while I finish my marathon training that would be great!


  1. Definitely with you on the scarves and snow. I just finished knitting a scarf that’s basically like a blanket, and I’m totally okay with that. We just need that cold weather!

    I love skiing in the winter too…it’s one of those things that kind of helps me get through it, and look forward to cold weather. Have a great weekend, Danielle!

    • I really want to learn how to knit (it’s on my “grow” list!), I would love to be able to make scarves for myself!

      I love skiing too, but unfortunately with how busy work is for me in the winter I haven’t had time to go in years 😦

      • Oh, sad about the skiing. I was thinking recently that it’d be fun to set up a Disney ski weekend this winter! But knitting would be a great thing to pick up. Love it.

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