You always hear that running is such an accessible sport because all you need is a pair of sneaks and off you go!

So, got sneakers?  Good, then you’re ready to go out on a run!

Now if you want something to listen to on your run you’re going to want to take your iPod or smartphone with you.  You don’t want to have to carry it?  Then you may want to get an armband that you can slip it into and strap on your arm. 

If you’re going to want to know how far you’ve run, how long it took you, or what your pace is you may want to use an app like RunKeeper, iMapMyRun or even look into buying a GPS running watch like a Garmin.

So you’re building up your mileage and your runs are getting longer.  Thirsty yet?  While there are nice convenient hydration stops when you’re running a race, I don’t know about you, but there aren’t usually volunteers handing out cups of water during my training runs.  So, you may want to get a handheld water bottle.

Training for a longer race?  Maybe a half marathon or a marathon?  You’re going to need to re-fuel during your long runs!  You should probably get some sort of running belt with small water bottles and a pouch to stash your snacks in…

What are those snacks you should take on your long run?  Well, there is a whole array of energy boosting fuel options made specifically for endurance athletes – you’re going to want to look in to these!

Now that you’re running long distances you really want to make sure you’re comfortable – that you’re socks aren’t going to cause blisters and none of your clothing is going to chaffe or rub against your skin.  You should search for running specific socks and running clothes made with moisture-wicking material.  Oh and you may want to pick up some body glide to put on any area where your shorts, socks or shirt may rub a lot otherwise by about mile 20 you’re sure going to be feeling that!

And after that run you’re going to want to make sure you have some recovery aids – epsom bath salts, ice, a foam roller…

It’s also really important that you be safe when you’re out running so you make sure to have reflective materials on if you’re going to be out at night or early morning before it’s light out and you should have some sort of identification like a RoadID on you at all times (I still need to get one of these!  HINT HINT Santa if you’re reading…)

Ok, you got everything?  Good.  NOW you’re ready to go out for a run!

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