Since Live, Run, Grow is just getting started (and hopefully inspiring some of you to get out and run) I figured it may be helpful if I shared some of my favorite running things!  This week I’ll focus on clothing related gear and another time I’ll share my favorite running “accessories” (water bottle, running belt, etc).


It’s hard to recommend sneakers because everyone’s feet are so different, but what I CAN recommend is that you make sure to go to a specialty running store to get fitted for new sneakers if you are going to start running.

For anyone in the NYC area you should check out JackRabbit Sports – you can test the sneakers on a treadmill with a video camera and their staff will watch the video in slow motion to help suggest the best sneaker for you!

I’m currently running in the Mizuno Wave Creation 12:

Shorts/ Pants

So far my favorite shorts are the Nike Tempo Track Shorts.  They fit me well and don’t ride up at all when I run – they come in all sorts of fun colors too!

Now that it’s getting colder out I’ve been running in the Nike Filament Capri and Tight, these are so comfortable I honestly wish I could wear them all the time!  I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing a pair of these for the marathon in January.


I have two basic rules for running tops:

  1. tank tops if it’s warm (short sleeves bother me running)
  2. thumb holes if it’s cold
I can not tell you how much I LOVE that so many companies now make their long sleeve tops with thumb holes!  My love for thumb holes in long sleeve tops goes back quite awhile (I used to have to make my own though!).
I have a few different style tank tops that I like, but I am still searching for my perfect running tops, so if you have something you love and would suggest let me know!  Hopefully I’ll find something before the marathon in January!



My current favorites are the Feetures Light No Show Tab socks – they are very thin (I hate thick socks in sneakers!) with a bit of extra cushion and support in just the right spots and the tab part in the back makes sure they don’t slip down.

They run about 10 dollars a pair, but if you’re going to be doing a fair amount of running you’ll find it’s well worth it (just keep an eye on them when they head to the laundry!).

I’d love to know what running/ workout gear you love, so if you have any suggestions feel free to share!

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