As I’ve mentioned, I have really been struggling to get myself out of bed in the morning for my runs, and since it gets dark so early at night and I don’t belong to a gym (so no treadmill access) morning runs are really my only option.

For some reason when I was on the train on my way home from work yesterday I remembered that not too long ago Runner’s World had an article on just this issue!  I dug through some old issues and eventually found it – “Rise and Run” in the October 2011 issue – I figured it couldn’t hurt to re-read it and see if there were any useful tips to help me out the door in the morning.

Here’s some of the information I found helpful:

Pros and Cons

Make a list of the pros and cons of getting your workout done early.  Here’s mine:


  • I feel good all day when I run/ workout in the morning
  • After the initial torture of waking up I’m wide awake and ready to go for the day
  • I don’t have to worry about getting a workout/ run in after work
  • Running in the morning is very peaceful and relaxing


  • I hate getting up in the morning!

Well I guess that about sums it up, morning runs is the clear winner – maybe I should print out this list and hang it near my bed to look at each morning!

Get Your Family On Board

CHECK!  I’ve made my husband force encourage me out of bed in the morning.  He leaves for work earlier than I do so when he’s getting up is the perfect time for me to head out for a run and still have time to shower and make my train.  I’ve made him promise to really try to get me out of bed and he’s been great about it.

Create a Mantra


Go with whatever works for you though  : )

Get Your Gear Ready the Night Before

I always lay out everything I need for a run the night before, it’s much easier than stumbling around looking for it in the morning.

I’ve considered sleeping in my running clothes but that may be taking it a bit too far…

Turn on Lots of Lights in the Morning

Yes, the initial shock to your system (and eyes) is brutal, but after a few minutes you don’t even notice and it really helps get me going in the morning.

Find Your MOJO

It can be anything, but there has to be SOMETHING that is motivating you to get out of bed and out the door – for me right now it’s knowing that I need to be able to run 26.2 miles in just a few weeks.  Your motivation can be anything though, there’s obviously a reason you’re thinking about getting up to run in the first place – make it your first thought when your alarm clock goes off!

Have a Backup Plan

My backup plan if I really just can’t get myself out of bed for a morning run (or if it’s pouring rain) is to jump on the elliptical when I get home from work that night.  Unfortunately I don’t have a treadmill or belong to a gym right now so it’s the best option for me!

I’m so glad that I remembered I had this article – it was a great way to get myself re-motivated to get out there for my early morning runs.


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