GET RUNNING is a 9 week “Couch to 5k” plan that starts you off with walk/ run interval training and builds you up to eventually being able to run a 5k!  There is a voice that prompts you when to switch intervals and encourages you along the way.  The app also allows you to listen to your own iPod/ iPhone music during your run session (the music will automatically lower when the voice comes on to prompt you).  There is also a website you can use along with the app that has running tips and a forum that offers great support for users to discuss their experiences with others.  This program worked for me and I definitely would suggest it to any new runner looking to build up their endurance and mileage.


Since I “graduated” from the Get Running program and needed to be able to track my mileage beyond a 5k I’ve been using and app called:


I LOVE this app!  It basically offers the same functions as an expensive GPS running watch through a free app on your phone!  It tracks distance, speed, pace, calories burned and even creates a map of your run, all of which are then kept in your activity log.  The data is all automatically synced to your page on RunKeeper.com and can also be set to automatically post your runs/ workouts to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  There are two other features I love on RunKeeper.com – 1) under “ROUTES” can you enter your zip code and the distance you are looking to run and it will show you routes other RunKeeper users have posted and 2) you can create a “Street Team” which is sort of like becoming “Friends” with someone on Facebook, you are able to follow their workouts which is great for keeping motivated!

RunKeeper Screen Shots

There are many running and fitness apps out there, but these are the two that have worked best for me and I can highly recommend.

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