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2 Years of Living, Running & Growing!

So yesterday I quite by accident realized that today is exactly 2 years from my very first blog post! I wasn’t necessarily planning to write about it, but since I didn’t have anything else planned for today I figured it may be a good time to recap a little bit about the past two years … Continue reading

Dopey Challenge Training

Dopey Challenge Training

With the Marine Corps Marathon in the books, it’s time to focus on training for the Dopey Challenge which is just over 2 months away! For those of you not familiar, the Dopey Challenge is an inaugural event at this year’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend (January 8-12, 2014).  The challenge is to complete all 4 … Continue reading

Cross Training for Life

This week (while still patting myself on the back for my first sub 2-hour half marathon!) I found myself trying to explain to my husband why I needed to keep doing this.  Why I needed to keep running and keep going to yoga.  Why these hobbies where more than just hobbies. I think the conversation … Continue reading