runDisney – What to Pack

runDisney What to Pack

After doing so many runDisney race trips I feel like I’ve finally perfected my race packing list!

A few years ago I wrote out my go-to packing list and trip after trip I keep pulling out this crumpled piece of paper when it’s time to pack.  So, I (finally!) thought – why not share the list on the blog and then I’ll be able to pull it up for every trip!

Packing List

Up until recently JetBlue still allowed a free checked bag, so I never worried too much about using only a carry on and always ended up overpacking.  This is my first Marathon Weekend trip where I’m actually concerned about getting it all into a carry on so I’ll definitely have to cut back a bit, but I’m determined to become a more efficient packer (I have this crazy thought that I’ll be able to pack for Italy in a carry on!).

So, here we go!

Clothes & Toiletries

I’ll leave this one up to you!

Running Clothes

**Of course you’ll need to adjust this list for the # of races you’re running!  I’m running the Goofy Challenge so I’ll bring 2 full running outfits!**

  • SNEAKERS!!  
  • tank top
  • long sleeve
  • shorts/ capris/ running skirt
  • sports bra
  • visor/ hat
  • compression pants and/or socks
  • running socks
  • throwaway top

Running “Other”

  • GPS watch & charger
  • body glide
  • RockTape
  • sunglasses
  • foam roller and/or golf ball (to roll feet!)
  • fuel
  • Tylenol
  • Road ID
  • hair elastics
  • headphones
  • chapstick
  • flip flops (for post race!)

**Check out this post on organizing race day essentials!**

Running Bag 2


  • camera
  • Magic Bands
  • drawstring backpack*
  • phone charger
  • race waivers
  • water bottle (stay hydrated in the parks!)
  • ponchos/ trash bags (keeps you warm & dry pre-race!)
  • medications
  • zip lock bags (come in handy for all sorts of things!)

*I know that all checked bags must be in the clear plastic bag you are given at the expo, however I always bring/ use my drawstring backpack for ease of carrying everything around pre & post race and then just dump it all in the clear back when it’s time to check it!

D and C at Starting Line

Staying warm & dry with our ponchos and trash bags – old race heat sheets work great too so hold on to them!

Also, as my friend Nicole over at Pink Elephant on Parade always reminds us, don’t forget to take your race shirt(s) into account as clothing options when you’re packing – if you’re running the Dopey Challenge you’re going to be picking up SIX new long sleeve shirts as soon as you get to the expo so why bother packing any!

What did I forget? OR What would you add?
Ever forget an important item on a trip?

2 thoughts on “runDisney – What to Pack

  1. I will be there for the marathon and will keep an eye out for you! By the way, I have had knee issues disrupt my training horribly this time too. I just want to survive it 🙂

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