Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt

Back in November I wrote a post sharing some of my favorite holiday gifts for runners and in it I mentioned Project Repat, a great company that takes your t-shirts and magically turns them into an amazing, fleece backed blanket!

T-shirts pre quilt

While I love all of my race shirts and wouldn’t want to part with them, I have to admit I never wear them.  I have saved all of them and always planned on eventually having a blanket made out of them, it was really just a matter of gathering enough shirts and then finding a reasonably priced option – enter Project Repat!

Project Repat isn’t just a great way to upcycle your race shirts (or any shirts!), but you’ll actually be helping the environment and the economy too – just check out this great graphic that really explains the impact of a Project Repat blanket:


Back in November I had counted up all my shirts and realized that if I waited until after this year’s Goofy Challenge I’d have enough shirts to have a blanket made up of ALL runDisney shirts!

So, after Marathon Weekend I began the Project Repat t-shirt blanket process!

It’s so simple!  First up place your order on their website.  You’ll have to choose your blanket size (it’ll tell you how many shirts you need for different sizes), panel size, and what color fleece you want on the back.

Next it’s time to get your shirts ready to go!  Basically you cut the shirts and separate the front of the shirt from the back so that you’re only sending them the side of the shirt you want used on the blanket (cutting up your race shirts is NOT easy…I had to have Jason do it!).

If you want your shirts arranged in a specific order (mine are by race date), lay them out, take a picture and include it when you send your shirts.

Project Repat - Before

Next, pack up those shirts, send them off and it’s time to wait!

One thing I loved about working with Project Repat was the communication.  Not only were they incredibly helpful when I contacted them a few months ago in regards to offering my readers a giveaway (they offered a $100’s towards a blanket!), but I received an e-mail from them confirming they received my shirts and telling me they were on their way to becoming a blanket!

And 8 days later (only 8 days!), I received another e-mail telling me my blanket was complete and it was on it’s way back to me!  (It even included a tracking number which I stalked until I saw it was delivered!)

Project Repat - Package

I didn’t even wait until we got out of the post office – I couldn’t wait to see it!

Project Repat - Final

I can’t tell you how much I love it!  It’s such a better use of my race shirts than sitting in a duffel bag under my bed!

I honestly can’t recommend Project Repat enough.  They were wonderful to work with and a t-shirt blanket is such a great way to preserve your race day memories or to bring new life to any t-shirts you just can’t part with!

Interested in a Project Repat t-shirt blanket?

Use code ‘MYMEMORIES’ for 15% off!

17 thoughts on “Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt

  1. I love mine too! It makes me very happy to see all my race shirts on a daily basis instead of having them stashed away in a drawer. Although whenever I see the blanket balled up on the couch, there is a moment where I think it’s a pile of laundry that needs to be folded.

  2. This is such a lush idea! And it looks so amazing 🙂 love that most of them are Disney ones. Thanks for sharing the end result too!

  3. Your blanket looks so amazing! Right now I have enough shirts (that I’m not going to wear) to make the smallest size, but I confess, I want a big blanket like yours! I might have to suck it and part with some other shirts…

  4. I really want to do this! I have more race shirts than I can possibly wear, so many that don’t fit, and so many I have already given away. Going to start saving some for a quilt!

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