What to Wear: Winter Running

So you may have noticed we have a bit of snow up here on Cape Cod.

You know, just a bit.

Blizzard - Run Danielle

It’s certainly made running outdoors challenging since it’s been near impossible for the town to keep up with clearing the roads and the path we run on.  Jason and I have been able to get outside for runs a few times in the last couple of weeks and I will say that although the road conditions haven’t been great we’ve been well prepared with winter gear!

Winter Running

I know you’re not all buried in 5 feet of snow like we are in New England, so rather than bore you with all my favorite winter running gear (although I am in love with my new New Balance winter running jacket in the picture above!), I thought I’d share a fun little resource I often use before heading out the door in case you haven’t discovered it yet…

Introducing the Runner’s World “What to Wear” tool!

Seriously, I LOVE this thing!

It asks you a bunch of questions (gender, temperature, conditions, wind, time of day, run intensity and if you prefer to feel cool or warm) and BAM – it spits out exactly what it suggest you wear for your run!

I always use the “What to Wear” tool before races and find is especially handy around the change of seasons when I sort of forget what I wear when it gets warmer or cooler than I’m used to.

The only other thing I have been adding to my winter running attire this year are my YakTrax – man have we gotten our monies worth out of these things this year!

Blizzard Neptune Run

Keep running & stay warm (or cool) friends!

Any tips for dressing for winter or summer running?

11 thoughts on “What to Wear: Winter Running

  1. I’ve tried that before, too! I have had ENOUGH of this frickin’ snow. I know you guys got slammed a lot harder than we did, but I’m just tired of having to maneuver over piles of snow and ice every time I go for a run.

    My problem is that I think I sweat more than the average person or something, because the wind chill has caused sub-zero temperatures for the last couple of days, and I’m out there taking layers off! But then when I get back into the house and my body temperature starts to drop…I pretty much want to die, haha. Fingers crossed that the snow disappears sooner rather than later!

    • I get hot really quickly when running too. My past few outdoor runs it’s been under 20 degrees and I’ve had a long sleeve shirt on and my winter running jacket which to be honest with you really isn’t all that heavy and once I’m running I’m totally fine!

    • I was debating whether to write this post or not because I wasn’t sure if this was something everyone knew about already, but I’m glad to hear it’ll be useful to some! : )

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