Falmouth Jingle Jog

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE living on Cape Cod?

When we were first talking about moving here I can’t tell you how many people said to us, “do you know how boring Cape Cod is in the winter?!?”

Well 3 months in and Jason and I have found more great local activities and events than we ever had where we lived in New York – like this local Jingle Jog 5k, which was part of the Falmouth Holidays by the Sea weekend!

We registered for this race with our friends Allison and Ben who we met through run club (and who coincidentally just moved to the Cape from New York this summer too!).

Having pre-registered, the race was $20 each and honestly at the end we all agreed it was a great value – we got a well organized 5k run, a long sleeve t-shirt and some great snacks at the finish – not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning!

Allison and I picked up our bibs and race shirts the night before…

JJ shirt & bib

…we were also given some jingle bells to run with (hence the name Jingle Jog!).

I wasn’t quite sure where to put the bells so they wouldn’t bother me while running, but I ultimately decided on pinning them right to my sneakers!


I was pretty excited about running a holiday themed race and had heard that a lot of people dressed up for this one.  Of course not wanting to miss out I picked up some Christmas attire for Jason and I to wear!

Danielle & Jason Jingle Jog

It was cold and rainy at the start, so the four of us hungout in the registration tent until the start (there was an “Elf Run” kids race before the “Jingle Jog”).

Jingle Jog Pre-Race Group

When it was time to start we headed right outside and lined up with the other runners.  I’m not quite sure how many people were originally registered and if some didn’t show up because it was so cold and rainy, but I’d say there was about 200 people running which really made it feel like a nice small community event!


Of course being in Falmouth most of the 3.1 mile loop course was along the water and had gorgeous views, in fact much of it followed the Falmouth Road Race course!

Jason had been sick much of this week, so we weren’t really running for time (although oddly the only 5k’s I’ve run have been at Disney (so REALLY not for time) and this was Jason’s first 5k, so there was a good chance it’s be a personal best time for both of us!).


We finished the race in just under 28 minutes – not bad for what wasn’t an all out effort!  (I haven’t seen official times posted, but my watch said 27:44.)

After the race we headed back into the tent where there was coffee, donuts, chowder and ice cream (which of course I ate despite it being FREEZING out!).

And then we ran down to the water for the moment I had been waiting for – Seafaring Santa!

Santa by Sea

Yup.  We live on Cape Cod, and on Cape Cod Santa arrives by boat!

And Santa didn’t arrive alone – he came with carollers!

Santa crowd

There were plenty of other Holidays by the Sea events going on, but we were hungry so we headed over to Main Street for some brunch…

…where we were of course held up by Falmouth’s infamous gang of turkeys!

turkeys(Seriously, they’re famous – they were in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago!)

Turkey Newspaper

We had a great time doing this race and can’t wait to participate in other local races and events around the Cape!

Are you doing a holiday themed race this year?
Do you participate in small local races?

14 thoughts on “Falmouth Jingle Jog

  1. Oh my! This race looks like it was SO much fun! And I LOVE your outfits! All the Jingle Jogs here are just too “far” for me. Stupid Queens. Maybe I’ll visit you guys next year for this one lol

    And congrats to Jason on his PR! Even if it was automatic, still pretty damn impressive 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you on small towns! When Josh and I lived in Vermont, we were way more active in the community, between running races and volunteering and going to events. Then in NYC, for some reason, we would basically go to work and then go home.

    It made me feel better to know we’re not the only ones!

    • YES! Jason and I have only lived here for a few months and we’re already always running into people we know and looking for ways to get involved – we LOVE it! I think in New York we just sort of felt lost and out of place…

  3. I was supposed to be running a Jingle Bell 5k that I have done twice, but we are moving Saturday so it is a no go. Looks like you and Jason had a blast and nice PR for Jason!

  4. Chowder AND ice cream?!? Holy Robin, Batman, sign me up! And I swear those turkeys are following you just trying to show you how NOT scary they are. (gobblegobble) “really Danielle, we just want to be friends!” (gobblegobble) “You don’t even EAT turkey so we’re BFF’s already!” (gobblegobble)

  5. I’m so glad you’re loving living on Cape Cod! Though I can’t believe you moved to a place with wild turkeys. I hope you don’t have too many run-ins! Um, that bow in your hair? ADORABLE!

    • I hope I don’t have any run-ins either! (A girl in my run club had to mace one chasing her once!!)

      And thanks – it’s just a present bow stuck on to a headband! : )

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