Product Review – Organic Living Superfoods

Recently I was contacted by Organic Living Superfoods to sample and review some of their products.


After reading their company philosophy (health is essential to happiness!) and about their products (all organic, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan!) I was eager to try them out – and I figured they’d be the perfect beach snacks!

Organic Living Superfoods Samples

Superfoods are “those which are dense in essential nutrients and health-protecting antioxidants – all while being relatively low in calories!”

Organic Living Superfood’s goal is to “provide great tasting nutritionally dense foods and superfoods in their purest form, the way nature intended.”

Organic Living Superfoods offers over 75 different products on their website – everything from dried fruits to nuts, energy squares and granolas and are sold in 4 different size packages.  I was sent 6 different snack size samples of product.

Jason and I started with the 2 dried fruit options:

Raw Natural Juice-Infused Strawberries – “Nature’s Gummy Bears”

These were sooooo good!  Hands down our favorite of the samples I was sent.  The dried strawberries were infused with apple juice so they were moist and gummy, just like gummy bears!

I definitely plan on ordering more of these, I actually think they would make great fuel for a long run!
Organic Living Superfoods - StrawberryRaw Organic Dried Mango Slices – “Nature’s Fruit Roll-Up”

I LOVE fruit, but I have to admit mango’s not usually one of my favorites.  However, I discovered I really do like it dried!

The mango was dried, but not to the point of being “too dry”, it had a nice “fruit leather” texture and made a great beach snack!
Organic Living Superfoods - Mango

Next up we had a few different samples of their nut products and chia energy squares:

Organic Living Superfoods - nutsRaw Organic Sprouted Salt & Vinegar Almonds 

If you’re a salt & vinegar potato chip fan and are looking for a healthier alternative these are for you!  These were definitely my favorite of the nut samples!

Raw Sprouted TCG Cashews

The “TCG” here is tumeric, cayenne & ginger making these cashews a great anti-inflammatory snack!  I really liked the slight kick these had from the cayenne!

Raw Organic Spicy “Santa Fe” Mix

This mix has pistachios, almonds, mulberries, pecans and cashews and is described as “a healthful powerhouse with a spicy kick”.  In general I’m a fan of each of these ingredients, but overall this was my least favorite of the samples I was sent…I think I just didn’t love the seasoning.

Organic Raw Chia Energy Squares 

These bars are made with a combination of nuts, seeds, fruits, coconut and chia seeds.  I was initially surprised by the slight orange/ citrus flavor, but it gave them a really fresh taste!  These would be a great long run fuel option for anyone looking for something organic, vegan, gluten or dairy free!

I’m glad I got to try some of these great healthy snacks from Organic Living Superfoods and I definitely plan on ordering some more of those strawberries and probably some of their other dried fruits!
If you’re interested in trying Organic Living Superfoods be sure to stop by and “LIKE” their Facebook page and mention in your order comment that “LiveRunGrow” sent you and they’ll include a FREE item for you!

Organic Living Superfoods Website:

Organic Living Superfoods FB Page:


What’s your favorite healthy snack??

What’s your “guilty pleasure”/ not healthy snack?

**I was provided samples of Organic Living Superfoods product to review, however I did not receive any other compensation and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.  All views and opinions are my own!**

2 thoughts on “Product Review – Organic Living Superfoods

  1. Oooh yum!!! I recently went gluten free and have been looking for good snack options. The strawberries sound delicious.

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