“Mini-Dopey” Training Week

One month from today I’ll be halfway through the Dopey Challenge!  (Race wise, certainly not mileage wise…I’ll only have 9.3 miles out of 48.6 miles done!)

Dopey Challenge GraphicThis past week I did a simulated “mini-Dopey” as part of my training running 3 miles Wednesday, 6 miles Friday, 9 miles Saturday and 18 miles Sunday for a total of 36 miles over 4 days and I have to admit I finished feeling pretty good!

The 3 and 6 miles runs were pretty standard, but did teach me just how much the KT Tape has apparently been helping my foot since I got lazy and didn’t use it for those 2 runs.

Friday’s 9 miles were in a cold, icy rain so it took a little extra mental toughness to push through (but any run in bad weather is totally twice as bad ass as the same run in good weather, right!??)…

…and Saturday I met some friends in the city to do our 18 mile run together!

Herd 18 Miles

18 miles with Patrick & Daniel

I’ve never done any of my long runs with anyone else so it was nice to have company and I really appreciated the change of scenery since I am SOOO bored with my usual running routes.

After a quick shower we walked out our legs by visiting the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and checking out the holiday shops (and eats!) at Bryant Park…

Herd Rockefeller Center

Pat, Daniel, me and Jenn

…then it was movie time to do a little research for our 10k costumes!

I’m definitely feeling excited and ready for Dopey – runs have gone well, reservations are made and my costume for the 10k is just about ready!  (The only thing I’m dreading are the 4 straight mornings of early wake up calls!)

I have one more “mini-Dopey” training week coming up right before Christmas where I’ll do 3/6/10/20 miles and then I’ll taper through the holidays with lots of foam rolling and hydrating and start working on my packing!  (**Anyone else overwhelmed by the massive packing that 4 races is going to entail?!?)

How’s everyone’s training going?

Any packing tips for 4 races in 4 days??

12 thoughts on ““Mini-Dopey” Training Week

  1. That is so awesome to hear Danielle! I bet that really also helped your mental state and got you out of that fog that you were feeling a week ago right? Sometimes when you have some big tasks in front of you, you think you have it handled, but it’s still on your mind and you don’t always realize that maybe that was what was bugging you and you didn’t know it. At least that happens to me sometimes.

    I love the fact that you hooked up with your runDisney friends for that long run. I always run alone, but it is cool if/when I can hook up with friends to do some long runs to help pass the time and in the end usually ends up being more fun. I can’t wait to see you again in January!

    How are you feeling since your funk/fog post?!

    • Thanks Pam, yes, the good runs were definitely a nice little confidence boost, but unfortunately I’m still feeling pretty lost and confused about school and everything. Hopefully I’ll start to figure out something things soon, thanks for checking in though!

  2. This is an awesome idea. I’m totally going to steal it. That’s great that you finished a mini-Dopey feeling strong — I think I need that boost of confidence right now! I’m definitely overwhelmed with the idea of packing for four races…especially since, as you know, I will absolutely be running in costume for all 4. Haha. Not that I even started working on any of them yet! I’ve totally been procrastinating, but now that we’ve hit the one-month mark, everything is starting to feel “real!”

    • Haha, yeah I’m only doing a costume for 1 race so it won’t be too bad!

      I like the idea of simulating the entire Dopey experience, it was definitely a nice little boost knowing I could get through the 4 days of running in a row! Steal away!

  3. Great job Danielle. I have the exact same training plan for Christmas week….not looking forward to those long back to back runs, but it will be worth it! Can’t wait to see your costumes!

  4. You’re going to show that dwarf who’s boss, especially when you stop for push ups like it’s nothing. LIKE IT’S NOTHING.

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