Dumbo Double Dare: Are We There Yet?!?

Hello All!

To say I’m getting excited to head out to California for the Dumbo Double Dare would be an understatement!  I had such a great time at this race last year and have literally been looking forward to it since then – add in the an extra race (the 10k), an extra medal (Dumbo Double Dare) and some fun costumes and I can barely contain myself!

I’ve even been drinking out of my Disneyland mug : ) 

Disneyland Mug

If you’ve been reading Live, Run, Grow since last year (first of all THANK YOU!) you may remember I ran the 5k with my mom and sister (both their first races – read about it HERE!)…

Cars Land 5k…and the next day met up with my friends Jenn and Pat for the half marathon where we earned our coast to coast medals (and I managed an unexpected PR!).

Jenn Pat Danielle DL Half

This year we have quite the group of runners in my traveling party!

Mom will again be running the 5k.

My sister and I will both be tackling 19.3 miles over the weekend for the Dumbo Double Dare (and both earning coast to coast medals!).

My husband Jason will be joining us for the 10k (and running his first race!) and in a surprise last minute addition my sister’s boyfriend Jeff will be joining in for his first half marathon!

(He hasn’t really trained, so if you see a guy that looks like this:

Jeff Pic

…but minus the smile on the side of the race course please show some runDisney love and give him a hand (or a piggyback ride) or tweet my sister (@cstar190) and she’ll come get him!)  ** Just kidding Jeff, you’ve totally got this! : ) 

So, if I’m doing the math right the 5 of us have the potential to leave with a total of 11 medals by the end of the weekend!  (I’m going to have to check what the baggage weight limit is for our flight home with all that hardware coming back with us!)

Now I just need to finish packing and look over my race-cation checklists!

Hotel – check! (Disneyland Hotel, very excited!)

Reservations – check! (Carthay Circle, Naples & Goofy’s Kitchen just to name a few!)

Waivers Printed – check!

Race Stuff – so much to remember! (Garmin, sneakers, costume, etc.!)

Disneyland PackingI’m trying REALLY hard to pack in a carry on…looks like I may actually make it this year!  

(P.S. you can find my favorite race specific packing list on my friend Jenn’s blog HERE!)

I’m also really excited to meet some of my blogging friends this weekend in California!  If you are going to be in Disneyland, please let me know – I’d love to say hello and take a pic!  And if you see me please come over and say hi (KELLIE!), I promise I don’t bite (unless you catch me in a bad mood in which case I can’t promise anything).

And if you’re not going to be in Disneyland I’ll be posting pictures and updates here on the blog as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so make sure you’re following along!

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/LiveRunGrow 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/dnardi710 

Instagram – http://instagram.com/dnardi710

California, here we come!

Anaheim Weather

20 thoughts on “Dumbo Double Dare: Are We There Yet?!?

  1. We are also dining at Carthay Circle (Sunday), Goofy’s Kitchen (Saturday brunch) and Naples (Friday and Saturday) Might be running into your group in more places than just the DL Hotel! Can’t wait and glad to see you have started packing Danielle!

  2. AHHH!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I’m so excited! Tonight will consist of packing (ok actually UNpacking from january first….), finishing up a similar blog post, and getting all my electronics together! Yayyyyy Herd!!!

  3. Way to blow up a girl’s spot! Lol. Ok ok, I PROMISE I am saying hi if I spot you guys 🙂 I am really looking forward to Disneyland (although super sad about leaving Hawaii) and can’t wait to get there!

    It’s soooooo great the crowd you have going! Good luck and congrats to everyone!

      • We’re probably gonna hit up the expo first thing when it opens at 10 (gotta make sure they don’t sell out of the merchandise!) if you’ll be there round the same, text ,e and we’ll figure it out…if not, we’ll still figure it out. Can’t believe it’s time! 🙂

  4. Yay!!! I can’t believe its almost here!! Hopefully I’ll run into you at some point. How fun that you’ve got such a great group going!

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