Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (3/25-3/31)

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – 90 minute yoga class, 3 mile run (9:53 pace) and 30 minutes elliptical cool down

Also participated in the Greatist Twitter Chat with Bart Yasso and got this response:

What runner wouldn’t want a congrats from Bart Yasso : ) 

Wednesday – 5 mile run (attempted speed intervals, but my still tired legs just weren’t having it), 30 minutes elliptical

This was Wednesday’s big news:

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 11.43.10 PM

Yeah!  Marine Corp is one of my bucket list races, so I’m VERY excited to have gotten in for this year!  The registration process was a little frustrating (almost an hour and a half of hitting the refresh button!), but it was worth it in the end!

Thursday – 90 minute yoga class

Friday – 6 mile run and 30 minutes elliptical cool-down

Saturday – 75 minute restorative yoga class and 3 mile run

Sunday – 3 mile run, 20 minutes elliptical

Creepy Easter Bunny

Look who I “ran” into on my run!

Yoga – 4.25 hours

Weekly Mileage –  20 miles 

Monthly Mileage –  79.6 miles

2013 Mileage – 188.6 miles

Overall – I don’t think I really gave my legs enough time to recovery fully after last weekend’s half marathon because they felt a little tired on this week’s runs, but since I was off from classes this week I had time to get in some good workouts.

NEXT WEEK (4/1-4/7)

Running – I know it’s 7 months away, but I’m starting to look for a new training plan to try for Marine Corp (so if anyone has any recommendations of plans they like please share!).  Also with no races in the near future I’m going to continue to focus on speed work.

Yoga – 3 classes

10 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

    • There are definitely some West Coast ones I’d love to do too! Big Sur is on my list, and I’d love to do something in San Francisco, there are just too many good races!

    • Ha, it was just like at Disney – I ran right up to him, snapped a quick pic and kept running! Poor bunny was totally startled (and totally creepy, but whatever!).

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