Weekend Inspiration

Ok, so I got a bit lazy and “borrowed” today’s weekend inspiration from a Lululemon bag…but wait, it’s really not that bad, there are reasons I went with this quote today!

Lululemon Bag

  1. I’m going to my first CrossFit class today, and honestly that scares the crap out of me!  Luckily I’m not on my own, I’m meeting a friend who’s going for the first time too…I promise I’ll tell you all about it though!
  2. After CrossFit I’m going to the Lululemon Warehouse Sale!  (Hmmm, I probably should be scared of this one too…)
  3. I met with a new gym in my area yesterday and in a few weeks when they open I’m going to be teaching a yoga class there!  This one TOTALLY scares me, I am so nervous to actually starting teaching!  Luckily I have a couple of weeks to prepare myself !

And with that, I’m off to get my a$& handed to me by CrossFit!

Have you done anything recently that scared you?  How did it turn out??

15 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration

    • I agree, their usual prices are a bit crazy, but I do splurge for their pants…they really fit me better than anything else I’ve found! Tops and other stuff I’ll get elsewhere usually.

    • Oh my goodness…the marathon scared the heck out of me (as I’m sure you remember)! Totally worth it in the end though…I’m looking forward to hearing more about your training!

  1. Good luck with Crossfit, I’m sure it will be a great challenge!! Can you show us what you get at the Lululemon warehouse sale? I love the brand, but its too expensive for me…

    P.S. even though I’ve not ever taught yoga, I have given MANY tours and the best way to practice is to talk outloud. So my tip is that it might help if you go through a class and talk out loud (even if nobody is there) just to get used to doing that and feeling comfortable with certain words/phrases. I’m sure you will do great though!

    • We never regret a workout right! I’m glad I tried the CrossFit class too…it wasn’t nearly as scary as I was thinking! I’m just trying to decide now if it’s something I want to continue with.

  2. I LOVE this post. Doing something that scares you can make you stronger in so many ways. I too, tried something new and scary last week, trekking to see gorillas in Rwanda! It turned out to be an awesome experience! Good luck with your yoga class, you will be great!

    • I’ve been getting a lot better in the past few years about trying new things which I am definitely proud of myself for!

      I’ve been reading about your trip on your blog and it sounds AMAZING! A real live version of Animal Kingdom, right? ; )

  3. Well, the Women’s Fitness Half is terrifying me…especially after numerous people keep reminding me of all the hills in Central Park, eek! This is kinda lame, but trying out the ice bath scared me too, but I did it this weekend! I’ll probably even do it again lol

    And good luck with your class! I’m sure you’ll do amazingly well!

  4. Good luck with your class!! Generally, if something scares me, I try to do it (when I moved to Houston on my own right out of college was probably the scariest – or the scariest that I can think of right now).

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