Weekly Training Recap

Since Nicole asked, I figured I’d share what I got yesterday at the Lululemon Warehouse Sale (a.k.a. YogaBowl!) and tally up how much I ended up saving!

Lulu Sale Items

1 3 Pairs of Shorts $50 for 3 $162 ($54 each) $112
2 Daily Tank $32 $42 $10
3 Running Jacket $50 $128 $78
4 Yoga Mat Bag $9 $48 $39
5 Yoga Mat Strap $9 $16 $7
6 Mittens $9 $28 $19
7 Winter Headband $9 $28 $19
8 Studio Crop Pant $45 $88 $43
9 Crop Hooded Sweatshirt $45 $98 $53
10 2 Pairs of Underwear $8 $24 ($12 each) $16
TOTAL $266 + tax $657 + tax $396

Not a bad haul of stuff!  I keep wanting to try Lulu shorts for running, but was always slightly turned off by the price so I’m excited I was able to pick up a few for such a great price!  I was disappointed to not really find any tops or long pants in my size that I liked, can’t complain though!

RECAP (1/28-2/3 )

Monday – 3 mile run

Tuesday – 60 minute yoga class assist and 90 minute yoga class

Wednesday – 3 mile run

Thursday – 60 minute yoga class and 90 minute yoga class assist and 1 hour massage

Friday – rest day

Saturday – Intro to CrossFit Class!

Signing my life away at my first CrossFit class!

Signing my life away at my first CrossFit class!

10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

10 pushups, 10 sit ups and 10 squats

Yoga/ Stretching – 2.5 hours yoga

Weekly Mileage –  6 miles (REALLY need to do something about this next week!)

Monthly Mileage –  January, 65.4 miles

2013 Mileage – 65.4 miles

Overall – Glad I finally tried a CrossFit class!  The free intro was sort of a tease, to be honest the workout they had us do wasn’t too bad and I don’t think it gave a real feel of what CrossFit is like.  I went to a box (that’s what a CrossFit gym is called) in the city to try out the class with a friend (because we were both too chicken to go by ourselves!), but I’m thinking of checking out the one in my town to see if I like it.

I do have 2 concerns with CrossFit right now though:

  1. It’s really expensive! Between going back to school (and not working full time) and already paying for my monthly yoga studio membership I’m not sure I want / need to be spending any more $ on workouts!
  2. Time. I’m not really willing to scale back on my running or yoga so when the heck am I supposed to go to CrossFit?!?  The most I can see myself going is once a week and I’m not sure that’s enough to see results.  Hmmm…

NEXT WEEK (2/4-2/10)

Ok, I’ve given myself plenty of rest / recovery time from running after Goofy and it’s time to start putting in some more mileage!  I’d like to start doing some speed work and find a few races for the spring to keep my motivated.  Some friends and I have been throwing around a few ideas so I’ll let you know if I decide on any!

7 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. When do you sleep? Had a great dinner with Jason . It was really great to see him. Hope we get to see you both more this sommer.

  2. Lululemon warehouse sale? So jealous! Have you ever visited the lulu outlet when in orlando? Not sure if they really have that many great sales during the race weekends, but I found some great deals there at other times during the year.

    • No! I’ve heard there was one there, but I’ve never been! Maybe next time I’m in the area…how far is it from Disney property? Is it a cab ride, or would I need to rent a car??

  3. Wow – that was quite a Lulu haul!! I’m impressed that you tried Crossfit – I’d like to try it some day but I am intimidated! That, and like you said, where will the time and money come from?

    • I was really nervous to try CrossFit too (which is why I went with a friend!), to be honest the free intro class really wasn’t bad at all (I was actually disappointed at how easy it was). If there is a place by you that offers the free intro you should check it out, even if time and $ won’t allow you to go regularly now it sort of takes the mystery and intimidation out of it all!

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