Goofy Challenge Completed!

It was hot, it was humid…but I did it!  42.4 miles in 3 days!  

Goofy Medal Pic Danielle

Lots more pictures and a recap to come, but for now I’ll just share my favorite pic…


DROP AND GIVE ME 20 SOLDIER! (@ mile 21!)


18 thoughts on “Goofy Challenge Completed!

  1. CONGRATS!!!! That’s amazing. There is a piece of me that hopes to earn a goofy medal some day. Currently I am only running half marathons.

    Tinkerbell this weekend!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Awesome job (both on the runs AND being able to do push-ups at mile 21). Can’t wait for the recap!

    And congrats to your sister too on her 1st half! Is she addicted yet? 🙂

    • Re-caps coming soon…I’m writing them today!

      And my sister is already taking about registering for Disneyland to get her Coast-2-Coast medal, so she must have had a good time : )

      • That’s amazing! Good for her! Congratulations to her too! And it’s so great you were able to get your sister to join! I keep trying to convince my sister (if I can get my 60 year old father, my 33 year old sister should be easy!) but she is VERY stern with her “no way.”

        Good luck to your sister in Disneyland! I’m jealous of the Coast to Coast!

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