Weekend Inspiration

Since I’m headed out for a 20 mile training run today I thought this would be appropriate!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration

  1. I absolutely love that quote….and the picture! You absolutely must write some kind of inspirational book about your experiences and running…..if you don’t, think of all those potential runners who will have quite before they even started……
    Keep up the great work…
    love ya.

  2. At first I thought this read “Rain is temporary….”. Either way, it is still relevant, especially as I have been trying to avoid the rain. Now I think I should just embrace it.

    • Haha, “Rain is temporary” is actually pretty funny, and totally relevant! I usually avoid running in the rain if possible, but this past weekend it was drizzly and gross the entire time I was out there…I guess it’s good to train in all weather, never know what race day may bring!

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