1 Year of Living, Running & Growing!

One year ago today I published my very first blog post, My Running Story.  At the time I had been running for only about 6 months, I had just completed my first half marathon, and was less than two months away from my first full marathon…I was in full training mode!

I had really only gotten into reading blogs when I began running and was looking for information on training, running gear and the runDisney races.  I still don’t think I actually realized that anyone can just start a blog and write about whatever they want to!

After I got back from the 2011 Wine & Dine Half Marathon I kept thinking about starting my own blog, I think I realized that my life was shifting a bit and that this running stuff wasn’t going to be a “one and done” thing for me.  Training, health and fitness were a part of my life now and I wanted a way to document my journey, sort of like an online journal.

I struggled for awhile to come up with a name for my blog and after thinking through what I was planning to write about I settled on Live, Run, Grow (running through life and hoping to learn a few things along the way!).  

I wanted my blog to be a place where I could keep track of my training and goals I set for myself.  There are so many things I want to learn or do and I figured putting them down in writing would help to hold me accountable.  I also love the idea of documenting my races and experiences to look back on, it was so interesting as I got ready for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon this year to look back at my post from the same event (my first race ever!) last year.

I’ve also made some big career / life changes recently and I know the blog will be the perfect place to track my progress as I work on my 5 year plan of going back to school.

While I’m extremely nervous about the idea of 5 years of school I really think in the long run it will be a great change for me and I’ll be much happier working in a health and fitness related industry!

One of my favorite “side effects” of blogging has been connecting with others with similar interests and maybe (hopefully!) even inspiring a few people along the way by sharing my experiences.  I’m excited about this journey and all my upcoming adventures and challenges that the next year may bring, I hope you enjoy following along!

9 thoughts on “1 Year of Living, Running & Growing!

  1. Yay! Congrats! I remember when you were contemplating writing a blog when we were at Wine and Dine, and I’m glad you did. It’s been fun to read your adventures and thoughts and growth with running, and I’m really excited to read about Goofy and WDW Marathon Weekend.

    • Thanks Lisa, I really do love to have the blog to be able to look back at, it’s so interesting to see where I was at this point last year headed into my first marathon not sure if I’d even finish, and now I’m training for Goofy! We’ll miss you at Marathon Weekend this year!

  2. As someone who has contemplated writing a blog herself, partially for the same tracking/being held accountable rationale (although I haven’t done so because I know no one will read it), I just wanted to say how truly helpful and inspiring I find these Especially with you runDisney folks! Let’s face it, if Disney didn’t have races, I would probably never have started running.

    Congrats on the one year! Keep it up. People like me look to bloggers like you for inspiration when we have the bad days, or just any day…no pressure.

    Hopefully I’ll see you at some Disney races in 2014 (I have to take next year off from Disney to save my vacation days for my honeymoon…unless the Aulani has a race lol)

    • Thank you so much! It’s nice to know that there are people out there who actually look forward to reading my posts (and amazingly are sometimes even inspired by them!).

      Honestly if you’re interested in starting a blog you should, even if its just for yourself for accountability. It’s a great way to document your journey and look back on your progress…don’t worry about readers!

      • Thanks. I’m going to do it! No idea what to call it or how to start it, but I’m going to do it! See look, you’ve inspired someone again! lol

        • Of course! I would love to have you check it out, especially since you’re such a big inspiration/motivation. I’ve been trying to think of a name, but everything I come up with is too similar to eat, sleep, run Disney lol

          Once I get that name, I’m already to start typing. I’ve even started “writing” it on my subway ride home…

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