Weekly Training Recap and Goals

Training recap for the last two weeks – fell behind a little during my Disney Wine & Dine trip!

RECAP (11/5-11/11)

Monday – 3 mile run and 2 mile walk with Jason (to warm up b/c the house is so cold!)

Tuesday – 2 mile walk

Wednesday – 90 minute yoga class

Thursday – Flight to Walt Disney World!  (Delayed a few hours, but at least I made it!)

Friday – 2 mile run with the Wine & Dine Meet-Up!

Saturday – 13.1, Wine & Dine Half Marathon!

Sunday – walking around Walt Disney World all day!

Yoga – 90 minutes

Weekly Mileage – 18.1 miles

Overall – Wine & Dine Weekend was awesome!  Good food, good friends, good race…what more could I ask for!

RECAP (11/12-11/18)

Monday – walking around Disney World and flight home

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – 90 minute yoga class 

Thursday – 90 minute yoga class and 5 mile run

Friday – 8 mile run

Saturday – 18 mile run! and 2 mile walk

Sunday – 90 minutes yoga

Yoga – 4.5 hours

Weekly Mileage – 31 miles

Monthly Mileage –  60 miles

2012 Mileage –  578 miles

Overall – Back-to-back-to-back 5, 8, & 18 mile runs!  Great Goofy prep and I felt pretty good the entire time (to the point I was considering going to 20!).  Focused on recovery the next few days, but I’m definitely excited that this training weekend went so well, it’s definitely encouraging!

NEXT WEEK (11/19-11/25)

Recovery week, so lots of stretching, yoga, foam rolling and some short runs.  I’ll be in Massachusetts at my mom’s house for Thanksgiving weekend so I’m planning on getting my sister out for a run or two to try to get her ready for her first half marathon in January!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap and Goals

  1. Nice! So your sister’s running the half in January? Very cool.

    Sounds like your increase in mileage is going really well. Can’t believe you only have less than two months til the Goofy! I can’t believe how quickly time is passing.

    • Haha, well my sister is registered for the half marathon (she registered right after she did the 5k in DIsneyland) she hasn’t actually been running though, so we’ll see…

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