Weekly Training Recap and Goals

RECAP (9/10-9/16)

Monday –  Rangers Golf Outing!  Yes, that’s me and I’m golfing barefoot!  I had heels on because I was actually working the event, but stopped to play a couple of holes, now I really want to start golfing again!

Tuesday – 30 minute MSD run (3.1 miles)

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – 35 minute AB run (3.25 miles)

Friday – rest day

Saturday – 60 minute run (5.5 miles)

Sunday – 2 hour AB run (10.75 miles) and 30 minute elliptical cool down

Weekly Mileage – 22.6

Monthly Mileage – 44.7

2012 Mileage – 378.8

Overall – I was hoping to average 25 miles a week this month so I’m a little under, but not bad.  Totally loving that I don’t need to head out for my long runs in the dark to beat the heat, the weather’s been amazing!  Definitely looking forward to fall training after the terrible heat and humidity this summer!

NEXT WEEK (9/17-9/23)

Going to try to continue to increase my weekly mileage and focus on stretching and rolling.  I definitely noticed the difference in my legs/ feet after today’s long run since I’ve been neglecting my foam roller!

Still loving my DL half photos, going to have to order some prints soon!

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