Weekly Training Recap and Goals

RECAP (8/6-8/12)

Monday –  90 minute Aerobic Base Run (7.3 miles)

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – 60 minute AB Run (4.8 miles)

Thursday – lazy day!  Yup, not a scheduled rest day, just got lazy.  Oh well, it happens!

Mets game with co-workers! Love that this is considered “field research”!

Friday – 45 minute MSD Run (High Intensity Interval Training)

Saturday – 90 minute yoga class.  This yoga class was awesome!  They are currently holding a Yoga Kids teacher training at my studio, so to keep with the theme they taught this class partially as Yoga Kids which meant making noises (cat/cow = meow/moo!) and silly posture names, it was a lot of fun! 

Sunday – 60 minute AB Run (4.75 miles) and 30 minutes elliptical

Overall –  Glad I finally got to yoga!  I think I’m going to go back to 4 days of running a week, my new plan calls for 5  but I think that’s too much for me (I find myself getting “lazy” one day a week and skipping a run so I’ll take that as my body telling me NO MORE THAN 4 RUNS PLEASE!).

NEXT WEEK (8/13-8/19)

Sad that the Olympics are over, but BRING ON SHARK WEEK!  Hopefully it won’t scare me out of going in the water at the Cape this weekend! 


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