Weekly Training Recap and Goals

RECAP (7/9-15)

Monday – 3 mile run and 1 hour of SUP

Tuesday – 2 hours of SUP

SUP’ing on Cape Cod

Wednesday – 3 mile run

Thursday – 5 mile run

Friday – rest day

Saturday – 8 mile run

Sunday – rest day

Overall – Got in 4 days of running like I was hoping including an 8 mile run!  Looking back I realized I haven’t run over 6 miles since March…oops, not good.  Definitely need to step up the mileage with a few half marathon’s and Goofy coming up!  LOVING being on Cape Cod and paddle boarding for cross training.

NEXT WEEK (7/16-22)

Hoping to get in my long run this week on a bike path in Falmouth along the shore, it’s supposed to be gorgeous!  I’ve also decided to start using the Runners World Smart Coach app for training and would like to try to start incorporating some speed work.  According to Smart Coach this is what my week should look like (Sunday is cut off, but it’s a rest / XT day):

Looking forward to more beach, SUP, seafood and hopefully a whale watch this week!


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