The other day at work someone asked me if I was done with running now that I finished the marathon…

No, definitely not!  So, what’s next??

I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t have a race scheduled every few months I will most likely stop running.  I definitely need to keep a goal on the horizon to stay motivated.

So, I already have my next half marathon scheduled, I’ll be doing the New York 13.1 on March 24th with my friend Alex who I’ve know since first grade!  Alex has been a runner for as long as I can remember and I always thought she was crazy going out on these really long runs, but it’s been fun these past few months to be able to talk about running and training.  Alex was so supportive and excited for me when I finished my first marathon a few weeks ago and I think it will be a great experience to do this race with one of my oldest (time not age!) friends.

Other than the NYC 13.1 I don’t have anything else on my race schedule as of yet, but there are definitely a few I’m interested in doing:

  • New York City Marathon – I entered the lottery, keep your fingers crossed!
  • The Falmouth Road Race – I’d love to do this historic race along the Cape Cod coast, we spend a lot of time at the Cape over the summer so this would be perfect.
  • Ragnar Relay Cape Cod – If you don’t know what the Ragnar Relays are check it out…SO want to do this!
  • Disneyland Half Marathon – Registration opened last week and I’m seriously considering it.  I’ve never been to Disneyland, this is a perfect “excuse” to go (plus I really want the runDisney Coast to Coast medal!).
  • runDisney Tower of Terror 10 Miler – it’s between this or Wine & Dine again, but I think the dates of this race work better, plus it would be cool to do an inaugural race…
  • Disney World Goofy Challenge – half marathon Saturday, full marathon Sunday…is it weird that it sounds fun?!?

Hopefully I’ll get a few of those in this year and work on the rest in the future!

Here are some pictures of Madison out playing in the snow today:

Seriously, how cute is she?!?

3 thoughts on “SO, WHAT’S NEXT???

  1. Thanks for the comment… What a cute dog!

    I bought Nuun on impulse one day at the sport store, haven’t used anything else since including gatorade… I find it taste better and is absorbed better than gatorade. You should give it a try… The Lemon, Kona Kola, Mixed berry are the ones I have liked most so far…

  2. OMG Madison is adorable!! 🙂

    Good luck with the NYC lotto! I’m in it too (with Dan & Pat as well) so cross your fingers for all of us! I would also LOVE to do a Ragnar so if you need teammates, let me know! Although if it’s the Cape Cod one in May (not sure if that’s the Ragnar one), I cant’ do it 😦 Blah! And I SWEAR Goofy was fun!

  3. Yes, the Cape Cod Ragnar is the one in May…unfortunately I don’t know if I’d be able to do that date either (could be NHL playoffs). Maybe next year! It sounds like so much fun!

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