Winter Classic morning…

Apparently my co-worker was really jealous of my super cool Rocky stairs run the previous day so he convinced me to go again:

After that I took a quick shower, packed and was off to work a pre-Winter Classic event and then it was game time!

The Winter Classic was such an amazing experience!  There’s not much to say except BROADWAY BEAT BROAD STREET!  So, I figured I’d just share some pictures…

All bundled up:

Braving the cold for a photo in my Dropkick Cancer t-shirt because I know Kerry would have LOVED to have been there:

Pre-game Ceremonies:

Patti LaBelle sang the anthem and then 2 fighter jets did a flyover, it was amazing!  I didn’t get a picture of the jets because I didn’t know they were coming and I couldn’t get my camera back out fast enough!

Me with one of the Rangers gnome!

My sister Christina and I just taking in the Rangers win!

I can’t believe it’s over, but what a cool experience, I can not wait to see the game on the last episode of HBO 24/7 – Road to the Winter Classic!

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