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2 years ago today…

…I ran my first race ever! The 2011 Wine & Dine Half Marathon. I’d love to reminisce about what the experience meant to me and how far I’ve come since then, but unfortunately I’m busy studying for an anatomy test, so I thought I’d quickly share with you a few throw back posts from when … Continue reading

A Race Plan

Well, it’s been over a month since the Walt Disney Goofy Challenge and recently I’ve been thinking a lot about races for 2013 – how many? what distances? which ones?  Around the new year I started to see a lot of posts and tweets about people doing “13 in 13” (13 races in 2013) and … Continue reading


Every runner has bucket list races…so, in no particular order, here are mine (so far)! 1) New York City Marathon I entered the lottery this year and unfortunately did not get in, keeping my fingers crossed for 2013! **I am totally claustrophobic and hate crowded spaces so honestly this picture scares the crap out of … Continue reading