BibRave Product Review – On Running Cloudsurfer

**Disclaimer: I received a pair of the On Running Cloudsurfers to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


Cloudsurfer Stats from On Running Website:

Runner Profile – All types of runners looking for a cushioned yet highly responsive training and competition shoe

Goals – Increase performance, train and compete

Category – Neutral 

Heel Toe Offset – 7mm

Weight – 8.5oz (women’s)


I am on the hunt for the perfect running shoe.

Ever since the shoe I was happy with was changed in an update I’ve been testing out different brands and models hoping to find my “glass slipper” sneaker, so when I was offered the opportunity to try out the On Running Cloudsurfer through BibRave I jumped at the chance!

You may be scratching your head thinking, “On Running”??  I’ve never even heard of them!

Honestly, I had only recently heard of them because the manager at my local running store had been testing our a pair and mentioned they were going to start carrying them, other than that, I wasn’t too familiar with the brand.  So, the fact that the On Running marketing team set up a conference call for us BibRave pros that were going to be testing the sneakers was awesome!

First things first – why is it called “On Running”?  Easy!  When you run in this sneaker it turns ON all the muscles of your legs!  Mike Robinson from On Running said what On Running is trying to create for runners is a “well cushioned performance running shoes that allow for ample bio-feedback so we can turn our legs ON and strengthen them”.

And what about those bubble things or “clouds” on the bottom of the shoe?  Well, they not only provide cushioning for a soft landing (in both the horizontal and vertical directions), but they also allow you to push off hard, which isn’t always the case with a high cushion shoe.


Image from On Running Website

**You can read even more about the On Running technology on their website HERE**

So, my experience with the Cloudsurfers?

Well first thing putting them on right out of the box they were definitely big on me.  I had ordered a 9 which is usually what I wear in a running shoe and honestly this shoe was pretty big, if I had been in a store I definitely would have tried on the 8.5 and most likely would have gone with that size.  That being said, they weren’t so big that I couldn’t run in them and I was eager to give them a test so on they went and I was out the door!  (I did lace them up through the top hole to try to tighten them a bit.)


The first thing I noticed was that they weren’t quite as “springy” as I had expected.  For some reason with the little “clouds” on the bottom I had imagined it would be like running on springs, but they felt comfortable and stable, not overly springy.

I immediately noticed how light they were for a well cushioned shoe and I really enjoyed that lightness on my feet!  The upper part of the shoe is made of a comfortable, breathable mesh that really fits like a second sock – overall I found it to be a very comfortable shoe!

I will say that after my first few runs in these sneakers my legs felt tired (even short runs), but after chatting with the On Running team on our conference call they confirmed that that’s totally normally, especially if you’re used to running in a shoe with a higher heel toe drop (the Cloudsurfer is 7mm).  Because the On Running shoes are designed to really activate and turn “on” your leg muscles it’s not unusual to experience a bit more soreness than usual, but as your legs get stronger that’ll quickly disappear!

I am definitely enjoying running in these shoes and look forward to building up some milage in them.

So, have I found my new “go-to” shoe?

I’d say the jury is still out.  I really do like them, but I’m not quite sure if they’ll become my long distance shoe or if I’ll reserve them for short distance and the occasional speed workout.

Have you heard of On-Running?

Do you stick with one shoe brand or do you run in different brands?

6 thoughts on “BibRave Product Review – On Running Cloudsurfer

  1. I recently bought a pair on Ón Cloudsurfers (Men 11.5). Unlike yours, the “clouds” are positioned so there is no “clouds” at the back edge, greatly reducing the cushioning effect while walking or running with a heel-strike. But like yours, the width is wide, forcing me to tighten the laces to prevent sliding around.

    • Oh interesting…I do remember they mentioned on the call that they did help to reduce heel strike while running. I don’t have a problem with the width too much, it’s more the length for me, I have so much extra room in the toe!

  2. I’ve heard of On Running, but I haven’t tried them out. I just bought a pair of Mizuno’s this week because my Newton’s were getting up there in mileage. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect shoe for me! I really liked the Newton’s at first, but now I think the toebox might be too large for me. Still giving the Mizunos a few more runs before I decide if they’re the right fit.

    • I ran in Mizuno’s when I started running and used them for a year or two, but I actually had the problem of not having enough room in the toe box area, so if you’re looking for something with less room than the Newton’s they may actually work for you!

  3. I’ve never heard of that brand,but my usual Brooks Running shoes have been my running shoe for nearly 5 years. It’s hard to search for a shoe and I hope you find the perfect pair soon!

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