Race Bibs – Trash or Treasure?

Good Morning Friends!

I’ woke up this morning at the most magical place on earth so I’m off to go play in the parks!  I thought I’d just pop in with a quick post/ thought today!

Hope to see some of you at the Wine & Dine Half Marathon this weekend!




I love my race bibs.  In a way, they’re more sentimental to me than my race medals.  The bibs were with me from the starting line and through the whole run.  They were my identity over the course of the race.

Having recently run a few races I had a small pile of race bibs piling up on my dresser and figured it was about time to add them to the rest of my race bib “collection”.

I pulled out the box from under my bed that has the folder where all of my previous race bibs currently live…

Race Bibs

…and it got me thinking…

Do YOU keep your race bibs?

If so, what do you do with them??

I’d love to hear any fun/ creative ideas!

12 thoughts on “Race Bibs – Trash or Treasure?

  1. I do keep them, but I’m not very creative about it. They are in piles or held together by those large paper clips. I try to write my finish time on the back. For generic bibs I write the name and location of the race.
    I don’t know why I keep them. It’s not like my grand children will oow and aah over them someday like an Olympic medal.
    Many people toss them and some even give away their medals. Unthinkable!

    • Oh I like the idea of writing your finish times on the back, I think I may go back and do that!

      And I totally laughed out loud about your grandchildren not oohing and ahhing over them – it’s so true! I mean why the heck do I keep these things?!?

      • Why do people keep old running shoes? They are bad for you to wear, and when you die the grand kids will have to toss those decades old stinky things away. 😉
        Thanks for your comment.

        • Haha, do people really keep old running shoes!?! I donate mine once they are starting to feel worn out, but still have some life in them for someone else : )

        • Some people have told me they have closets full. Some people rotate many pairs. Many. A lot of people are pack rats and shoes are just one more thing to keep.
          I donate also. I can’t stand the clutter!

  2. I keep the bibs from my big races and I put them in a big poster frame. It’s more a collage pattern within the frame, and I have it at work. It can be a good conversation starter.

  3. I have been keeping mine! I hang them on the wall. Nothing fancy yet, A lot of them look the same, but I’ll write on those ones so I know the race, date, and time.

  4. I’ve kept every one and didn’t think it was weird until my running buddy said he throws all his away! I got a medal/bib hanger and put my bibs there, but soon I had too many and they wouldn’t stay on the little hangers. So now all my generic RoadID ones that just have a number live on my bookshelf, and the branded ones hang on the display board. I may need a second one though… 🙂

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