BibRave Product Review – XX2i Sunglasses: France1 Dual Pack

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BibRave xx21 Glasses

Here’s what’s included in the XX2i Dual Packs:

xx2i Dual Kit

  • 2 pairs of sunglasses (mine are white glass & demi tortoise)
  • 3 extra sets of lenses
  • 1 hard case
  • 2 sunglasses soft cases & 3 lens soft cases
  • extra nose pieces and temple tips (both adjustable!)
  • 1 sunglasses strap

So before I even get to the actual review part, you may be wondering just how much all this costs, I mean it is A LOT of stuff!

The retail price for one of XX2i’s dual sunglasses pack’s is $149.99, so when it comes down to it, about $75 per pair of sunglasses, which is really not bad if you like having good sunglasses to run in!

But check this out – XX2i gave us BibRave Pro’s a sweet deal to share with our readers!  Use code ‘XX2iRocks’ and get 50% off your entire order!!

So, let me start by saying I am SUPER picky about my sunglasses.

I get really bad migraines (how have I never talked about that on the blog before?!?), and one of the causes is light sensitivity, so trust me when I say if the sun is out, I DO NOT go outside without sunglasses!  I have spare pairs of sunglasses all over the place just so I don’t ever run into a situation of being without a pair, so the fact that this set came with two pairs was awesome – as far as I’m concerned you can never have enough sunglasses!

The first thing I noticed upon putting on the XX2i France1 sunglasses was the nosepieces.  I typically avoid sunglasses with nosepieces, so they took a bit of getting used to, but luckily they are adjustable, so after some finagling I was able to get them to sit in a comfortable place.

xx2i Nosepieces

I also often have trouble with the “arms” (is that what you call them??) of sunglasses being too tight on the sides of my head and the pressure also causing headaches (are you picking up that I get a lot of headaches??).  I did have that problem with these, but again, the pieces that go right over your ears are adjustable, so I was able to lessen the pressure a little bit which helped.


  • Customizable with adjustments, extra lenses, nose & temple pieces
  • Hard & soft cases to keep glasses safe
  • Stayed in place while running
  • Did not fog up when running (although it wasn’t particularly humid when I tested them)
  • Many color options (see them all HERE!)
  • XX2i has a 365 any reason return policy if you’re not happy with your purchase!


  • Nose pieces make them sit a little farther away from my face than I personally like (let’s sun in from the top), but that being said, a lot of people like that because then sweat doesn’t get trapped in the glasses!
  • There are 3 color combinations available for the dual pack, but I kind of wish you could customize your pack and choose any 2 of the available colors!
  • The hard case that comes with the set holds both pairs of sunglasses which is both a pro & con, I’d like to have a smaller hard case for just 1 pair for when I travel (they do sell a single one on their site, so I may just order one!) 

HMF Compression Recovery

Do you run with sunglasses?

What “makes” or “breaks” sunglasses for you?

Don’t forget to use code ‘XX2iRocks” for 50% off your order!

(And there’s always free shipping!) 

BibRave-DeepOrange-01 (1)

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    • Oooh, good question, how did I forget to include that! I’d save I have an average to small face and they fit my well, my husband who I’d say is about overage size liked the way they fit him too – hope that helps!

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